Who Are The Top 10 Security Companies?

Top 10 Security Companies

Maritime security companies are an essential requirement for merchant vessels due to the growing threats from pirates worldwide.

Though the maritime field witnessed a decline in pirate activities, including those of Somali Pirates, in the last couple of years, new threats are rising in different parts of the world.

The latest reports suggest a regular increase in the number of reported incidents of piracy, and places such as the Gulf of Guinea account for a high percentage of these incidents.

Increasing piracy threats have caused enormous losses for shipping companies, forcing them to come up with new methods to battle piracy.

To tackle this problem properly, many security companies have started providing maritime security firms.

Recently, several countries have rolled out legislation and rules to help shipping companies place armed soldiers onboard vessels to protect them from pirate attacks.

The new laws allow vessels to seek the help of private maritime security firms that can provide qualified security staff to keep the ship, crew, and cargo safe.

Many maritime security firms command respect for the stellar security services they offer.

Here is a list of some of them.

1) Hart Maritime

Established in 1999, Hart Maritime, the arm of Hart Integrated Solutions, is an established one of the maritime security companies worldwide.

Hart offers maritime protection services to allow shipping, offshore companies, and ports to defend their assets and employees from risks, including pirate attacks.

They are involved at each stage to ensure adequate security and risk mitigation. Hart gives protection against piracy attacks in areas including the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, and the Gulf of Guinea.

Hart’s security team works with the the relevant navy and coastguard to handle crises when if need be. The Company also gives comprehensive marine security training to global shipping conglomerates and government bodies.

2) Seagull Maritime Security

The Malta-based Seagull Maritime Security offers several maritime security and anti-piracy services, allowing vessels to make safe and secure voyages. Seagull Maritime helps vessels, especially commercial merchant ships, move through the high-risk areas of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, also the Gulf of Aden to protect goods and seafarers abroad.

Seagull Maritime Security’s security teams include staff who have served in naval commandos and top-notch special operations units. They are trained and equipped to act against different kinds of threats at sea, particularly maritime robbery.

According to the firm, Seagull’s security staff have successfully given security services to lots of voyages, often effectively fighting pirate attacks.

3) MUSC 

MUSC, is a short form and means Maritime and Underwater Security Consultants. This has provided ocean-based security services for the past many years. MUSC performs anti-piracy security, ship protection, port security, and security assessments for shipping firms.

In addition, the firm provides security and protection for subsea pipelines and ensures the proper disposal of explosive substances. MUSC, is a company licensed by the British government to offer armed maritime security services. It gives onboard security groups, counter-piracy auditing, vessel hardening, movement planning, and vessel monitoring.

The firm also offers consultancy, training, and help to fight against the threats of weapons and narcotics smuggling, human trafficking, and illegal migration, among others.

4) Hudson Analytix

Hudson Analytix offers a four-way naval security program encompassing services for shipping companies, commercial ships, ports, and onboard security services.

Under vessel and port security they, provide several elements. These include planning, assessment, training programs, and security consulting for clients. Thus, ensuring complete security support for clients.

The Hudson team makes sure the security of vessels, including general cargo, big containers, bulk carriers, oil/chemical tankers, offshore vessels,lastly FPSOs.

Furthermore, Hudson’s Cyber Risk Management gives the tools and support required to understand and control cyber risk. The Company has been thought to be a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) globally, and its extent of operations spans about 1,800 vessels and 300 ports internationally.

5) Solace Global

One of the significant players in maritime security, Solace Global, is an ISO-accredited firm with vast experience in vessel protection. Solace offers security services and performs anti-piracy operations on over 5,000 vessels worldwide.

Solace’s clients include global shipping companies, cruise liners, oil majors, and superyacht owners.

According to Solace, using both armed and non-armed security solutions, it provides shipping enterprises with complete desktop risk checkups, remote risk advice, on-site security checks, and tracking.


It is headquartered in Great Britain, MAST provides a lot of maritime security services and is famous for its detailed services.

According to the MAST, this is one of the leading securities companies to legally house private-armed guards on merchant vessels and yachts.

Under its maritime security branch, MAST gives services in high-risk places in the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Guinea Gulf, and the Sulu Sea. MAST also has branches in South Africa, Malta, Djibouti, also Oman.

7) Securewest International

The firm Securewest International is a security service company that offers marine security services to merchant and naval vessels.

The Company provides vessel tracking, ship accompaniment, and architectural security details for commercial and cruise vessels. In addition, to offshore businesses and military departments.

Certified to ISO 28007, Securewest gives services to ships transiting through some of the major hotspots of the world.

It ensures that the shipping businesses have top-level, experienced maritime security staff and advanced escort vessels.

Recognized internationally for its counter-piracy and ISPS preparation services, Securewest is a member of the Security in Complex Environments Group, also called the SCEG. It offers training courses approved by agencies. These include the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency,

8) Neptune Maritime Security

With offices in Britain and the UAE, Neptune Maritime Security offers protection to commercial vessels, cruise liners, mega yachts, Ports and terminals, and the oil and gas sectors. Its security services are one of a kind, as it offers customized maritime protection to counter ocean-going piracy.

The Company’s security services are also custom-made and offered based on the singularity and severity of a security threat. According to Neptune, it has worked in very challenging areas.


One of the prominent security service operators, ESPADA carries out expert security measures. Also, urgent evacuations and logistical processes as part of its land and ocean-going operations.

The Company brings qualified people to perform maritime security and anti-piracy operations globally. In addition to anti-piracy work, the maritime-based security branch of ESPADA carries out counter-terrorism and asset defense. Thus, assisting commercial and other ships to transit through high-risk places safely.

10) STS maritime security

STS maritime security mostly offers services to the US government, important defence and security companies, and selected private entities worldwide. The Company gives professional, fully licensed, highly trained security teams. Also, manages all official permits, administrative interfaces, and logistical needs for security operations worldwide.

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