10 Reasons Why Merchant Navy is a Great Career Choice

Are you considering joining the Merchant Navy? We’re sure you’ve heard you can get paid to sail worldwide in a merchant ship, right? You may have also heard that you only need 6-8 months to get a full year’s salary. Every career has pros and cons, and the same goes for Merchant Marine. In this blog, we will take you through all the benefits of a Merchant Navy career while highlighting the industry’s advantages.

Most candidates are attracted to join the Merchant Navy because of two advantages: travel opportunities and high salaries. However, there are many other benefits that you can consider before joining the merchant navy. The following 10 reasons will help aspiring candidates shed light on the merits of the Merchant Navy career.

Travel the world and work at the same time.

Travel enthusiasts find this very attractive. When people think about joining the merchant navy, the first benefit that comes to mind is work travel. Undoubtedly, you can travel around the world for free because this job is centered around sailing.

Working in the merchant navy is full of adventure; you can travel to almost any corner of the world without paying out of pocket. Once the boat arrives in port, you can explore the area. Exploration and related activities depend on how long the ship remains in port.

 Get generous payment packages.

There are many jobs worldwide where junior officers are paid as much as in the merchant navy. The most attractive aspect of this career is the pay package and pay rates. Salaries typically start at $1,500 and can go as high as $3,000 monthly or even higher for more senior positions such as captain.

Please note that this is even though the training period is approximately one year and the salary ranges from $300 to $800. Seafarers’ wages are based on standards set by International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Labor Organization (ILO) laws. Although pay levels are consistent worldwide, they vary from company to company and, most importantly, increase with experience.

 Get amazing tax benefits

Paying taxes is a responsibility that everyone knows. However, seafarers’ income is taxed based on their place of residence. Persons working in merchant ships can take advantage of tax exemption if they meet the requirements set by the government. Merchant marine professionals must work on board a ship for at least six months to receive tax exemption for a specific financial year.

 Exposure to diverse cultures

Merchant Marine professionals can meet and interact with individuals from different cultures and countries. However, this allows individuals to better understand and perform tasks as a team member while understanding the complexities of different cultures and customs. Moreover, this promotes adaptation and increases understanding of what works and doesn’t work abroad.

Merchant Navy officers are highly adaptable and can easily integrate with people worldwide due to their constant contact with international colleagues. Even if a ship’s crew is of one nationality, interactions with port officials from other countries can increase a seafarer’s understanding of culture and customs. If you like variety, you’ll love this work setup!

 No academic requirements required

Not having specific qualifications is another big advantage if you want to join the merchant navy. To start your maritime career, you do not need higher qualifications. Even if you have completed 10th or 12th grade, you can take short courses like G.P. Get a rating or diploma in marine science and start your pre-sea training.

As a PCM 12th-grade student, you can also apply for courses that will prepare you for officer-level positions at an early stage. Once you have completed your pre-sea training, you can immediately begin onboard training with any shipping company. For various reasons, obtaining a job in the merchant marine is the most viable option for those who want to obtain an advanced college degree.

 Improve professional level

Working in the merchant marine teaches people how to work effectively as a team. Those who work in the merchant marine must have excellent communication skills, tremendous adaptability, and the ability to observe and maintain strict discipline. These skills are further developed when one spends significant time at sea as part of a new team.

While working in the Merchant Navy, a person grows professionally and personally. This level of expertise comes with tremendous responsibility for the vessel and crew; years of intensive training in the industry may make certain activities seem routine to the average person, but reaching this skill level requires a lot of hard work over many years.

 Grant early financial independence

As mentioned above, people working in the merchant navy have the advantage of earning a good salary. Dollar wages for young seafarers are higher than for land-based seafarers in other professions.

Most shipping companies offer special packages, incentives and benefits from the beginning of your merchant navy career that are the same or better than any other industry. In addition to high wages on merchant ships, shipping lines also pay for onboarding fees, inbound and outbound travel and flights. So, with the right planning, seafarers can achieve financial independence sooner rather than later.

 A long and pure vacation

Since the merchant marine occupation requires longer working hours, the leave granted to merchant marine workers is also compensatory. Furthermore, this allows these professionals to experience the best of both worlds, land and sea. After completing a 6-8 month sea contract, seafarers can take 4-5 months of full leave.

A sailor’s vacation is the purest form of it: a time at home without the burden of work and the ability to fully enjoy time with family. However, this somewhat made up for the long stay on the boat!

 Establish discipline

Punctuality and discipline are two very important skills that merchant seafarers need to develop. Because water is inherently unpredictable, sailors must face any situation with great care, focus, and concentration to minimise the consequences. These two characteristics are instilled in maritime professionals through pre-sea training.

Professionals are expected to lead a highly disciplined lifestyle by Navy standards and wear Navy uniforms throughout the contract. In real life, discipline goes a long way toward making some very positive changes.

 Seniors and temporary colleagues

In a contracting industry like merchant marine, you work with different seniors on each contract. The captain will not be the permanent leader of the ship’s crew. Likewise, the lead engine crew engineer changes from engagement to engagement or even mid-cruise.

In the merchant navy, you only have to put up with a bad boss to get a contract, and you may never have to work with the same coworkers again. On the contrary, if you sail with a good chief engineer or captain, he will also change after a few months.


So there you have ten compelling reasons why the Merchant Navy career can be an interesting profession preference for you. With activity protection, notable pay, world tours, and travels, what’s not to like now? Sure, the task isn’t always all clean cruising, but the rewards and experiences are well worth it. If life at sea calls to you, leap and embark on this worthwhile professional journey. The Merchant Navy is ready, adventure awaits, and you’ll have exquisite stories to share for years. What are you looking forward to? Hoist the sails and chart a route for a profession you’ll never overlook.

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