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Navy Ship structure - ships crew - Merchant Navy Info-

Ship's Crew

Enlisted sailors and officers assigned to various departments such as engineering, navigation, operations, communications, and deck.

Navy Ship structure - bridge team - Merchant Navy Info-

Bridge Team

Officers responsible for navigating the ship, maintaining situational awareness, and ensuring safe passage. This includes the Officer of the Deck (OOD) and helmsman.

Navy Ship structure - engineering team - Merchant Navy Info-

Engineering Team

Personnel responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the ship's engines, propulsion systems, and other mechanical equipment.

Navy Ship structure - combat systems team - Merchant Navy Info-

Combat Systems Team

Personnel involved in operating & maintaining ship's weapon & sensor, ensuring readiness for combat scenario.

Deck officer / chief Officer -Merchant Navy Info-

Deck Department

Enlisted sailors responsible for tasks such as seamanship, deck maintenance, and small boat operations.

Navy Ship structure - aviation department - Merchant Navy Info-

Aviation Department

On aircraft carriers & ships with aviation capabilities, personnel involved in aircraft operations & maintenance.

Navy Ship structure - supply department - Merchant Navy Info-

Supply Department

Personnel managing logistics, including food service, supply chain, and inventory management.

Navy Ship structure - medical department - Merchant Navy Info-

Medical Department

Medical personnel providing healthcare services to the crew, including doctors, nurses, and medical technicians.

Navy Ship structure - communication team - Merchant Navy Info-

Communications Team

Personnel responsible for maintaining communication systems, ensuring connectivity with other ships & facilities.

Navy Ship structure - special warfare teams- Merchant Navy Info-

Special Warfare Teams

Navy SEALs and other special operations personnel trained for missions on and under the water.

Navy Ship structure - chaplaincy- Merchant Navy Info-


Chaplains provide spiritual support & counseling to sailors, offering religious services etc.,

Navy Ship structure - naval intelligence - Merchant Navy Info-

Naval Intelligence

Intelligence officers & specialists gather, analyze, & disseminate information critical to ship's mission.

Navy Ship structure - training and education - Merchant Navy Info-

Training and Education

Training officers & instructors ensure ongoing professional development of crew, conducting drills & exercises.

Navy Ship structure - commading officer - Merchant Navy Info-

Commanding Officer (Captain)

The highest-ranking officer on the ship, responsible for overall command, safety, and mission success.

Navy Ship structure - executive officer - Merchant Navy Info-

Executive Officer (XO)

Second-in-command, assisting the commanding officer in managing ship operations and personnel.

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