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Health and safety-Medical Officer - Merchant Navy Info-

Medical Officer

Medical officers, including doctors & medical professionals, are responsible for overall health & well-being of crew. They provide medical care, conduct health assessments, & oversee the ship's medical facilities.

Health and safety - Hospital Corpsman - Merchant Navy Info-

Hospital Corpsman

Hospital corpsmen are enlisted personnel trained in medical care. They work alongside medical officers, providing immediate care, administering first aid, and assisting in medical emergencies.

Health and safety - safety officer - Merchant Navy Info-

Safety Officer

Safety officers are responsible for implementing safety programs, conducting safety inspections, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. They play a critical role in accident prevention.

Health and safety - occupational health and safety officer - Merchant Navy Info-

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Specialists in occupational health and safety focus on identifying and mitigating workplace hazards. They contribute to the development of safety protocols and training programs.

Health and safety - environmental health officer - Merchant Navy Info-

Environmental Health

Environmental health officers are responsible for monitoring and assessing environmental factors that could impact health, such as air quality, water safety, and sanitation on board ships.

Health and safety - hygienist - Merchant Navy Info-


Industrial hygienists evaluate and control workplace hazards, including exposure to hazardous substances, noise, and other environmental factors that could affect the health of personnel.

Health and safety - dental officer - Merchant Navy Info-

Dental Officer

Dental officers are responsible for dental care and hygiene on board. They ensure the oral health of the crew and may oversee dental facilities on naval installations.

Health and safety - preventive medicine technician - Merchant Navy Info-

Preventive Medicine Technician

Preventive medicine technicians assist in identifying and controlling health hazards. They may be involved in disease prevention, sanitation inspections, and food safety.

Health and safety - fitness specialist - Merchant Navy Info-

Fitness Specialist

Fitness specialists focus on physical fitness & well-being among crew. They may oversee fitness programs, conduct training, & assist with maintaining overall health.

Health and safety - Chaplain - Merchant Navy Info-

Chaplain /
Spirtual Support

While primarily focused on spiritual support, chaplains also play a role in mental health & well-being of crew. They provide counseling & assistance in emotional stress.

Health and safety - SARP - Merchant Navy Info-

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) Counselor

SARP counselors provide support and counseling for personnel dealing with substance abuse issues. They play a vital role in rehabilitation programs.

Health and safety - EMT - Merchant Navy Info-

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

EMTs are trained in emergency medical care and play a crucial role in responding to medical emergencies on board ships or in naval installations.

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