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Naval Academy

Individuals interested in becoming commissioned officers can apply to the United States Naval Academy. This involves a competitive application process and nomination by a congressional representative.

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Officer Candidate School (OCS) Application

Individuals with a college degree can apply for Officer Candidate School. OCS is a 12-week program that prepares candidates for commissioning as officers and other roles in marine field.

Commissioned Officers - ASTB - Merchant Navy Info-

Direct Commissioning

Certain professions, such as medical doctors, lawyers, and chaplains, may have direct commissioning programs. Applicants with specific professional degrees can be directly commissioned into the Navy.

Commissioned Officers - ASTB - Merchant Navy Info-

Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB)

Individuals aspiring to become naval aviators or flight officers undergo the ASTB, a standardized test that assesses aptitude for aviation.

Commissioned Officers - NROTC - Merchant Navy Info-

NROTC (Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps) Program

College students can apply for NROTC, a program that combines academic education with naval science & leadership training, leading to graduation.

Commissioned Officers - NODP - Merchant Navy Info-

Naval Officer Development Program (NODP)

NODP is a program for individuals with specialized skills or advanced degrees. It offers a direct path to commissioning as an officer.

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