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Catering Staff- Catering Rafting- Merchant Navy Info

Catering Rating

Entry-level position involved in various galley duties, including food preparation, cleaning etc.,

Catering Staff- Steward- Merchant Navy Info


Responsible for general cleanliness, table service, and assisting in meal preparation and serving.

Catering Staff- Chief Steward- Merchant Navy Info

Chief Steward

In charge of the steward department, responsible for overseeing the galley, managing crew's mess etc.,

Catering Staff- cook- Merchant Navy Info


Prepares and cooks meals for the crew, ensuring that food is not only tasty but also meets nutritional standards.

Catering Staff- chef cook- Merchant Navy Info

Chief Cook

In charge of the galley and overall food services, responsible for menu planning, & supervising cooking staff.

Catering Staff- Baker- Merchant Navy Info


Specialized in baking bread, pastries, and other baked goods for the crew.

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