Duties of 2nd Engineer on Ship

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One of the most important positions in the hierarchy of maritime professionals working on ships is that of a 2nd Engineer on Ship. Since this position falls at a management level, the second Engineer’s activities are limited not only to the performance of his own duties but also to the supervision of the entire operation of the engine room and other technical aspects of the ship.

The 2nd Engineer on the Ship provides maximum support to the Chief 2nd Engineer on Ship for the efficient operation of the ship. In addition, the 2nd Engineer on Ship is responsible for all operational engineers and engine room crew. He ensures the safety of his staff and daily operations. He also plans the overall maintenance of all machinery in the ship’s engine room.

Responsibilities of the 2nd Engineer on Ship 

A brief description of the responsibilities of the 2nd Engineer on Ship is as follows: 


1 Personnel Safety

The 2nd Engineer on Ship is responsible for overall risk assessment, briefings and safety training. Mechanical crews, especially junior engineers and new crew members.

2 LSA and FFA

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of rescue and firefighting equipment.

3 Emergency Equipment

The 2nd Engineer on Ship will be responsible for all emergency machinery and equipment in accordance with SOLAS.

4 Rest time

As per STCW, every person working in the engine room must manage the rest of the time with his second Engineer.

Pollution Prevention 

1 Pollution Prevention Machinery

He is responsible for the pollution prevention equipment on board, such as OWS, sewage treatment plants, incinerators, etc.

2 Oil Transfer

He is responsible for all oil transfer operations carried out on board the ship, including the bunker ring.

3 Pollution Prevention Plan

He will be responsible for the implementation of SOPEP and other related equipment.

4 Mud and Bilge

The 2nd Engineer on Ship must ensure that the engine room bilge is free of oil and oily water. All tank parameters for mud and bilge systems must be recorded.

5 Rules

All rules and regulations related to  MARPOL must be applied and enforced by a second engineer.

Engine Room Management 

1 Responsibilities

He is responsible for managing the engine room staff and performing engine room tasks.

2 Assistant

Reports directly to the Chief 2nd Engineer on the Ship and manages the engine room in the Chief Engineer’s absence or in place of the Chief Engineer.

3 Task Distribution

He distributes tasks among all the machine crew members and acts as a supervisor.

4 Housekeeping

Also responsible for cleaning the engine room and disposing of garbage within the engine room.

5 Spare Parts and Inventory

The 2nd Engineer on the Ship will be responsible for properly storing all spare parts and maintaining records of spare parts inventory.

Machinery Operation and Maintenance  

1 Engine Room and Deck Machinery

The 2nd Engineer is responsible for the maintenance of all engine room and deck machinery.

 2 Safe Operation

He is responsible for ensuring that all machinery and safety systems function safely, efficiently, and within specified parameters.

3 PMS and BMS

Planned Maintenance System “PMS” Must be performed by a second technician and must be performed immediately in the event of Breakdown Maintenance (BMS).


1 Record

Various engine room records must be maintained and updated regularly. This is the responsibility of his second Engineer. Examples of important records include log books, bell books, and Saturday or Monday routine books.

2 Spare Parts Inventory

All spare parts for engine room machinery such as pumps, auxiliary engines, etc. must be kept and the inventory maintained and updated. Regularly.

3 Oil Inventory

The amount of oil in the tank for operating the machine, such as lubricating oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, etc., must be recorded in the oil diary. Additionally, you need to maintain the truck for the next bunker order.


Routine maintenance system paperwork, such as updating maintenance data, must be completed under the supervision of a second engineer.


1 Responsible for acquainting the crew with the ship’s safety features such as emergency exits, lifeboats, and sopeps.

2 Mechanical crews must be supervised and trained in the operation of pollution control machinery such as OWS and sewage treatment plants.

3 Responsible for training crews for various emergencies such as floods, fires, pirate attacks, and abandons.

This is a summary of the duties of a 2nd Engineer on a ship. The 2nd Engineer on Ship is the most influential person in the engine room and requires a stoic and cool mindset as well as excellent leadership skills.

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