Duties of 3rd Engineer in the Merchant Navy

Duties of 3rd Engineer in the Merchant Navy - Merchant Navy Info - Blog

A 3rd Engineer alternatively a 2nd Assistant Engineer is the position of an engine officer who is working in the engine department on a ship. The 3rd Engineer is supposed to be responsible for boilers, fuel, and auxiliary engines. Additionally, condensate, and lastly feed systems. The exact job of a 3rd Engineer about the kind of ship and the arrangement of the engine department. In this blog, we have written in detail about the work of the 3rd Engineer in the Merchant Navy. 

The Job of 3rd Engineer

The 3rd Engineer’s basic general work includes the following – 

  • 3rd Engineer needs to take charge 2nd Engineer’s duties in their absence or inability to work.
  • They must keep the Chief Engineer properly informed about any concerns related to their responsibilities. 

General Work of 3rd Engineer

3rd Engineer is answerable to the Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer for the watchkeeping Tasks of 3rd Engineer in Merchant Navy

  • The 3rd Engineer is supposed to carry out watchkeeping work as per schedule.
  • They have to help in the engine room during maneuvering. 
  • These types of Engineers are supposed to monitor the performance of cargo-related machinery and technology – ballast water treatment systems, ballast system valves also pumps, cranes/gantries, and auxiliary engines. 
  • They have to perform other duties as directed. 

Ballast water system

Maintenance Duties of 3rd Engineer in Merchant Navy

The Engineer is individually responsible for supervising and carrying out the maintenance and repair of – 

  • Auxiliary engines, auxiliary boiler, and exhaust gas economizer include water analyses, chemical treatment of boiler, and main engine cooling water system.
  • Incinerating machine 
  • Fresh water pump
  • Lifeboat engine and last resort fire pump 
  • Life-Saving Appliances (LSA. Moreover, Fire Fighting Appliances (FFA) in the engine room (prevention maintenance)

3rd Engineer will ask for 3rd Officer’s assistance upon noticing any issues with any LSA and FFA.  

Life-saving devices

Administration and Recordkeeping work of 3rd Engineer in Merchant Navy

  • 3rd Engineer has to keep pace with Planned Maintenance Schedules and machinery history data.
  • They need to take inventory and ready requisitions for spare parts for equipment under their control.
  • They have to check and renew notices, posters, and duties posted in the engine room.
  • 3rd Engineers need to maintain and update safety data sheets for chemicals (except those used for cargo purposes) and lubricating oils. 


Key Performance Indicators

In addition to the jobs and duties said above, 3rd Engineers have to take care of the given points – 

  • There should be no overdue maintenance or checking of critical equipment/machinery in PMS in their own areas of responsibility.
  • No critical machinery/equipment is inoperative in its own areas of responsibility.
  • No critical safeties inoperative or bypassed for any machinery/equipment in own areas of responsibility. 
  • No life-saving and fire-fighting appliances are inoperative in the engine room. 
  • No spares to be below minimum and critical spares requirement in own areas of responsibility. 

Fire fighting appliances on shipAn Engineer Salary in Merchant Navy

These Engineers are paid really handsomely for all their hard work onboard. Like all other seagoers, even a 3rd Engineer’s salary depends on the type of ship they are working in and the shipping company that they work for. Below we have gone over the average salary of 3rd Engineers working in different types of vessels.            

Engineer Salary

 – LPG/LNG Shops 

LPG/LNG ships offer the highest salary in the merchant navy for active sailing seagoers. Moreover, the salary of an Engineer in an LNG/LPG ship is in the area of 4500$ – 5200$ every month.

Engineer Salary working in Merchant Navy

LPG/LNG Tankers

 – Oil/Chemical/Product Tanker

Additionally, Chemical tankers offer great salaries compared to Oil and goods tankers. Additionally, Third Engineers sailing on these tankers are paid in the range of 4000$ – 4800$ every month.

Oil Tanker

 – Bulk Carriers/Container Vessels

Dry ships such as Bulk carriers and Container ships offer relatively lower salaries in comparison to tankers. However, that doesn’t mean that the seagoers working on these vessels are underpaid at all. On-duty onboard Bulk carriers/Container boats are paid handsome salaries of around 3900$ – 4600$ per month.

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