A Comprehensive Guide to Navy Blue Suit Etiquette

When it comes to men’s fashion, owning a nice navy blue suit is considered essential. If you want to attend your next business meeting looking like a total rockstar, you know what to do. A navy blue suit is just too versatile to go unnoticed. You can wear it to basically any event that comes to mind. A good navy blue suit can also help to create a lasting impression on important people. Whether it’s your boss or a new friend, you can be sure they’ll remember you!

Still, with everything that we’ve talked about so far, there are still a few things you’re going to have to keep in mind. There’s a certain etiquette that comes with maintaining your navy blue suit. It’s important to keep these things in mind and work on them whenever you put your suit on. Fortunately for you, this guide is all about how you can make sure to look your best whenever you decide to put on your navy blue suit. So if you’ve been stressing out about what accessories to wear and whatnot, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Understanding the Navy Blue Suit:

Before we get into the different rules of wearing a navy blue suit, we’re going to need to take a breather. Understanding how it all works and why it works is just as essential. There are a few things about the navy blue suit that just make it a staple addition to a man’s wardrobe. It’s worth noting that this color in general is very versatile. If you try hard enough, you can make your navy blue suit fit in any situation. Whether it’s a baby shower or a business meeting, your suit’s going to have your back. 

There’s a certain level of sophistication that a navy blue suit exudes. Putting one on just makes you look a hundred times better in an instant. Thanks to its versatility, the suit can be dressed both up and down. This way, it’ll have you looking sharp no matter the occasion. The fact that this type of suit can transition from a formal to a casual setting with ease makes it an absolute must for your wardrobe. Luckily for you, this guide should help you understand exactly what you’re going to need to do to look your best every day!

Choosing the right fit:

The first thing you’re going to want to take note of is how well your suit fits you. Having an impeccable fit is important because it allows you to look sharp. Without a properly fitted suit, you’ll end up looking shabby and disorganized. A properly tailored suit will help you look your best and exude confidence. This will, of course, help you leave a lasting impression on whoever you meet. A proper fit will also show how you pay attention to detail, making you seem more desirable to whomever you come across. 

Shoulder fit:

This is the first aspect of ensuring a proper fit for your suit. You’re going to want to ensure that your coat and shirt’s shoulder seams align perfectly with your own shoulders. You don’t want the shoulder seams to droop over your shoulders. Even a slight extension beyond your shoulders is considered unacceptable. 

Jacket length:

Jacket length is another important aspect of making sure your suit doesn’t look tacky. You’re going to want to ensure that your jacket firmly covers your buttocks, and grazes the base of your thumbs when your arms are resting by your side. It’s tiny details like these that ensure you look your best every time you put on your suit. 

Sleeve length:

Sleeve length is a detail that is often overlooked. It’s an important part of your jacket looking crisp and well-fitted. Overlooking this might just cause your jacket to look oversized or out of place. In an ideal situation, your jacket’s sleeve should end at your wrist bone. This should allow around half an inch of your shirt sleeve to peek through.


Trousers are probably the most important part of your whole suit. While you can get away with overlooking everything else, a bad fit in trousers will get you every time. You’re going to want to ensure that your trousers are sitting comfortably at your waist. Another thing to ensure is that they don’t sag. There should also be a noticeable cut-off between your trousers and your shoes.

Accessorizing with finesse:

Accessories play an important role in making you look distinguished from the pack. Wearing the right accessories can be challenging. However, with the right guidance, you should be on the right track in no time. It’s all about picking out whatever accessory best suits your style. The right accessories can elevate your look in an instant. Still, the opposite is also true. If you wear the wrong accessories, it can make you look shabby in a matter of seconds. It’s all about ensuring you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, we’re here to help you do just that.

Shirt selection:

There are three main shirts you could opt for. Let’s say you’re looking for a safe option. In that case, you’re going to want to opt for a crisp white shirt. This will help make your suit look great. The color white complements a navy blue suit effortlessly. Other options you could go for include a light pink shirt, or even a powder blue shirt.

Tie choice:

This is probably the most important accessory you’ll be picking out. This choice comes down to the type of event you’re going to be attending. If it’s a strictly formal business meeting, you’re going to want to leave a lasting impression. In that case, going for a solid color like burgundy or solid green will probably be best. However, if it’s a more casual event, experimenting with patterns can also be pretty helpful.

Pocket square:

This accessory isn’t that important but if you decide to go with it, it’ll probably be for the better. You’re going to want to pick out a pocket square that will complement your tie. You don’t want your pocket square to match your tie exactly. Ensuring that your pocket square is folded neatly is important. It’ll help your navy blue suit to look more put together.

Belt and shoes:

It’s important to ensure that your belt and shoes match with each other. You’re going to want to go with either the color black or brown. These colors are pretty safe and will complement your navy blue suit overall. One thing you’re going to want to ensure is that your belt’s buckle isn’t too over the top. Otherwise, this may take away from your suit’s overall aesthetic.


Watches are an integral part of your overall suit aesthetic. A good watch can make or break your attire. You’re going to want to choose a timepiece that compliments the type of occasion you’ll be wearing the suit to. Whether you decide to go with a leather strap or metal straps depends on the occasion you’ll be attending. 

Occasion-specific etiquette:

Now that we’ve understood how to dress well with a navy blue suit, it’s time to move on to the nitty gritty. It’s time to learn about occasion specific etiquette. Different occasions require you to dress a little differently. It’s all about understanding where to dress in what way. This will help you look more accomplished in life and just more professional overall. 

Business meetings:

When you’re on your way to an important meeting, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re dressed for the occasion. Pairing your navy blue suit with a simple white shirt, and a conservative tie will probably be best for this occasion. It’ll help you look polished and put together without you putting too much effort into the whole thing.

Formal events:

Formal events differ a little from business meetings. Here you’re still going to want to opt for that crisp white shirt, but you can relax a bit when it comes to the tie. Instead of opting for conservative ties, you can go with a silk tie. The color should compliment your shirt. You’re also going to want to pull out your favorite pair of polished leather shoes.

Casual outings:

When it comes to casual outings, you can swap out your dress shirt for a patterned shirt or a turtle neck sweater. These will help make you look more welcoming and spread warmth around you. When it comes to what shoes to pick out, you can opt for loafers or sneakers instead of your usual dress shoes. 


There you have it folks. That was an in-depth guide on how to dress your best with your navy blue suit. These tips are sure to help you look amazing no matter the occasion. Remember, it’s all about paying attention to the tiny details that’ll help you look like the sharpest person in the room.

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