AD Ports, CMA CGM, and Ecocean Conserve Marine Biodiversity at Khalifa Port

AD Ports Group (AD Ports), CMA CGM Group, and aquatic biodiversity company. Ecocean has signed a scientific cooperation framework to install 48 bio-huts at Khalifa Port. The  Biohut module is an underwater structure designed to restore biodiversity. And also promotes marine life reproduction in coastal and port environments. This module is designed to provide a safe haven. And also breeding grounds for a variety of marine species that are essential to the health of coastal ecosystems. The Biohut module consists of a modular cage made of eco-friendly. non-toxic materials that provide a robust protective structure for marine animals while minimizing environmental impact. These structures will be built in selected areas of Khalifa Port where marine life needs protection and restoration.

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According to  AD Ports, the bio-hut will be installed in the first quarter of 2024. At the new CMA CGM terminal, which is currently under construction. This pilot phase will last five years and also include a monitoring component. The Group believes that by combining responsible management practices. Ocean conservation and environmental innovation, we can conserve marine biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems. CMA CGM Group Vice President Sustainability Felix de Carpentier said:“Biodiversity conservation is part of the CMA. CGM Acting for Planet Pillar and is also at the heart of the Group’s sustainability efforts. We have been working with experts for years to support conservation. And also restoration projects that help reduce the ecological footprint of the world.

“Given the scale of the challenge, we  believe that ‘engaging’ our partners will accelerate our action, and we are pleased with our first example of collaboration with Ecoshan in Abu Dhabi and look forward to this Ahmad AD Ports Group’s Acting Senior Vice President of Innovation, Al Khayat, said: “A healthy ecosystem rich in biodiversity not only benefits human health but also has a positive impact on the economy.” By installing organic sheds at Khalifa Port, we want to reduce our impact on the environment. This reflects our commitment. We focus on environmental protection and innovation to foster an environment where natural flora and fauna can thrive. ”

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