15 Best Aircraft Carriers in the World

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The World’s biggest aircraft carrier is more than just a warship. Given endless territorial disputes, the biggest aircraft carriers are symbols of prestige and also power for navies around the World. These new battleships” were among the most important war assets of all nations. Since their introduction, these ships have brought major changes to the defence systems of several countries. The biggest aircraft carrier is a floating air base with a full-length flight deck capable of transporting, arming, deploying, and also recovering aircraft. As the capital ships of the coastal fleet, these ships can carry a large number of aircraft, including fighter jets, attack aircraft, and also helicopters equipped with efficient weapons systems. 

List of Best Aircraft

1. Uss Gerald R. Ford-Class (Cvn-78) 

The title of the World’s biggest aircraft carrier is the U.S. Navy’s Gerald R. Ford-class battleships. The first aircraft carrier in this class, the USS Gerald R. Ford was commissioned in May 2017, and also the remaining four vessels announced in this class are currently under construction. The Gerald R. Ford is currently in use and is 337 m long and 78 m wide. 

She has a total cargo displacement of 100,000 tons and also her 78-metre-long flight deck is equipped with an electromagnetic aircraft launch system and advanced restraint equipment. USS Gerald R. Ford carries over 75 aircraft and can accommodate 4,539 people. She is equipped with two nuclear reactors and carries RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles, airframe missiles (RAMS), and also Phalanx close-in weapon systems (CIWS).

2. Nimitz-Class Ship, United States 

The United States Navy’s ten Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are the second-largest aircraft carriers in the World. They are definitely one of the best races and also have all the characteristics necessary for such a battleship. Named after Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II, the lead ship of the class, the USS Nimitz, was launched in May 1975 and was the 10th and last ship in its class. One USS George H.W. Nimitz was launched in May 1975. Bush was commissioned in January 2009. Manufactured in 1968 and also released in 1972. Soon after, they were launched again as multipurpose aircraft with nuclear propulsion systems.

3. Ship Queen Elizabeth Class, United Kingdom 

The largest aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy and the third largest aircraft carrier in the World. The Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier is the largest warship ever built by the Royal Navy, and she is also the second-largest warship in any non-American navy, after Japan’s Yamato-class battleships. Of the Royal Navy’s two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth was commissioned in December 2017, and also HMS Prince of Wales was launched in December 2017 and commissioned in December 2019.

4. Fujian, China China Jiangnan Shipyard 

China Shipbuilding Industry General Corporation launched the country’s third aircraft carrier on June 17, 2022. China currently has the most aircraft carriers in the World after the United States. The Fujian aircraft carrier is named after the country’s eastern coast in a province across from Taiwan. 

The first domestically built aircraft carrier, the New Generation Fujian (Type 003), is said to be more technologically advanced and efficient than China’s other two aircraft carriers. The remaining two vessels are the Shandong (type 001), which entered service in 2019, and the Liaoning (type 002), a used cargo ship purchased from Ukraine in 1998. Fujian has a fully loaded displacement of approximately 80,000 tons, which is larger than other Chinese aircraft carriers and comparable to that of the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carriers. The length is 316 meters, and the width is 76 meters. 

5. Liaoning Province, China 

The Type 001 Liaoning Aircraft Carrier, a People’s 

The Liberation Army (PLAN) aircraft carrier, is the fourth largest is aircraft carrier in the World. The ship was originally planned as the second Kuznetsov-class ship of the Soviet Navy, but after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, she was purchased by China. Length 304.Five meters, overall width 75 meters. 

6. China’s Shandong Province 

China’s second aircraft carrier, “Shandong,” was launched on April 26, 2017. Unlike its predecessor (Liaoning), Shandong is China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier. Both carriers are similar in size and use the Short Takeoff, Arrest, and Recovery (STOBAR) system for aircraft launch and recovery. However, Shandong was recently built, has more advanced technology and better equipment, and has become China’s leading aircraft carrier.

7. Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia: 

The Russian Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier is one of the best aircraft carriers currently in service. The 305-meter-long aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is currently the flagship of the Russian Navy, with a beam of 72 meters and a fully loaded displacement of 58,500 tons. This heavily armed ship has versatile capabilities, potentially serving as an aircraft carrier, and is also equipped with weapons of sufficient lethality. Fourteen thousand seven hundred square meters of the flight deck has space for up to 33 fixed-wing aircraft and 12 helicopters. This aircraft carrier can accommodate Su-33, MiG-29K, Su-25UTG/UBP STOVL fighters, Ka-27LD32, Ka-27S, and Ka-27PLO helicopters. Admiral Kuznetsov can also host 1,960 shipping companies, 626 aviation groups, and 40 flagpoles abroad.

8. Ins Vikrant, 

India INS Vikrant is an indigenous Indian aircraft carrier and the first aircraft carrier designed and built in India. Construction took place at Cochin Shipyards Limited. This vessel has completed her sea trials, and she is scheduled to enter service within the next few months (August 2022). The total cost of the project was approximately $3.1 billion.

9. Charles De Gaulle, 

France France’s first nuclear-powered surface ship, Charles de Gaulle, is one of France’s most important aircraft carriers and has been in service since 2001. The ship has a total displacement of 36,000 tons and a structure of 780 x 103 x 27. Eight feet, and is the only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier owned by a navy other than the United States Navy.

10. Ins Vikramaditya, India: 

The largest warship in the Indian Navy, INS Vikramaditya is also one of the largest aircraft carriers in the World. This aircraft carrier, measuring 283.

Five meters in length and 61 meters in length is a refurbished version of the Kiev-class aircraft carrier, which was commissioned in 2013.

11. Cavour, Italy 

The flagship of the Italian Navy, the Cavour is an aircraft carrier, that weighs 30,000 tons fully loaded, has a displacement of 100 kg, and is also equipped with several defense systems: B. Short-range defence systems, guns, and also decoy launchers. With a 232.6m x 34.5m flight deck, Cavour can accommodate up to 20 aircraft, including the AV-8B Harrier and her JSF, EH101, AB212, NH 90, and SH3D helicopters. The 39 m wide 244 aircraft carrier also has space for up to 24 main battle tanks. The top speed is 16 knots, achieved with the help of six diesel generators.

12. Juan Carlos I, Spain 

Juan Carlos I is an aircraft carrier of the Spanish Navy. The ship, named after the former King of Spain, is the largest ship built in the history of the Spanish Navy. She was launched in September 2009 and commissioned on September 30, 2010. the aircraft carrier has a length of 230. 8 m and a width of 32 m, a displacement of 27,079 tons, and also a range of 9,000 nautical miles at 15 knots. It is equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion system and can reach a top speed of 21 knots. Has a 202-metre-long flight deck and ski jump and is equipped with an AV-8B Harrier II aircraft. It has a two-story multifunctional garage and hangar area, with an area of ​​6000 square meters.


13. Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italy 

The Italian aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi was the first transport ship built for the Italian Navy. It was also the first Italian ship built to operate fixed-wing aircraft. She is equipped with short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft and also helicopters and has participated in several combat missions off the coast of Libya, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Somalia. She is also her 14th ship in the Italian Navy, named after the 19th-century Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi. This ship was built by Fincantieri at the shipyard of Monfalcone near the Gulf of Trieste. 

14. Htms Chakri Naruebet, Thailand

HTMS Chakri Naruebet is a flagship of the Royal Thai Navy. It is also the only domestic aircraft carrier whose design was inspired by the Spanish aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias. She was built by the Spanish shipyard Bazin and launched in 1996. She was commissioned into the Royal Thai Navy in 1997. Is the first aircraft carrier operated by a Southeast Asian country and is the pride of not only the country but the region. Her home port is Cheuk Samet Pier at Sattahip Naval Base, which was christened by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. 

15. Tcg Anadolu, Turkey

Anadolu is an attack ship that can also be configured as a V/STOL aircraft carrier. She is named after Anatolia, which covers most of Türkiye’s territory. Of Istanbul at Sedef Shipbuilding Inc. Construction began on April 30, 2016, and also the keel was laid down on February 7, 2018. It entered service on April 10, 2023. Designed to meet all the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, including B. Military long-range combat and humanitarian operations. It is also the World’s first drone carrier. Interestingly, she was built over a period of 7 years using 70% of the ship’s local resources.

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