The BlueBARGE Project Kicks Off To Aid In The Electricity Supply To Ships

The BlueBARGE Project Kicks Off To Aid In The Electricity Supply To Ships - Merchant Navy Info - News (

The kick-off meeting for the BlueBARGE project, which focuses on the blue bunkering of moored ships. Using renewable electricity was held in Athens, Greece.  The main objective of the project is to design and also develop. A power barge to support the power supply to moored and berthed vessels. The BlueBARGE initiative, is coordinated by  ABS Hellenic Single Member LTD and also actively participating in  Fundación Valenciaport. Has a total budget of over EUR 11 million (USD 11.8 million) and is part of the Horizon Europe program co-financed with CINEA. BlueBARGE will play a key role in transforming the port sector towards its goals. Of electrification and also decarbonization at  European and international level. This barge limits pollutant emissions through a modular, scalable, adaptable, and flexible design approach that facilitates commercialization by 2030.

It also addresses power integration, the connection of barges and ships to ports, and local power grids. As well as operational safety and regulatory compliance issues. A highlight of BlueBARGE is the introduction of a new hybrid concept that combines a higher energy density lithium (Li-ion) battery. With an innovative vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) solution, which increases safety and durability. In addition to powering berths such as container ships, tankers, and cruise ships. This proposal is intended to provide power to vessels moored in locations where onshore power infrastructure (OPS) development is limited or unavailable. 

It will also be possible to supply power to ships that are present. In this way, energy supply can be ensured even in hard-to-reach areas  where  supply from the port grid is limited. Projects include preparing a feasibility study, developing a solid operating strategy and business plan, and identifying potential funding sources. A small-scale prototype will also be developed and tested in a real-world controlled environment.

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