What Is The Largest Shipping Company In The World 2024?

What Is The Largest Shipping Company In The World 2024 - Merchant Navy Info - Blogs

The role of LNG carriers in transporting LNG from the production area to the consumption site is a crucial step. Equally important are the top LNG bulk shipping companies, which operate these vessels. They play a pivotal role in the industry.

Our global LNG carrier industry analysis has allowed us to identify the top 10 LNG dry bulk shipping companies based on fleet statistics, order book data, and current operations.

Our data collection comprises information on approximately 700 LNG tankers and FSRUs, allowing us to collect a list of LNG bulk shipping companies with details on ship capacity, ownership, and operation. However, not all the data is available in open source, and shipowners and operators are continuously changing.

Demand Outpaces Tanker Capacity among Bulk Shipping Companies

According to data from Statista, the global fleet of LNG tankers stood at 700 vessels at the end of 2021. The number of tankers in operation has been steadily improving since 2010. The demand for LNG has been outpacing the tanker capacity. With LNG trade volumes reaching 488 billion cubic meters in 2020. Thus from here it is evident that more tankers are urgently needed to meet the growing consumer demand.

To better understand and provide precise data on the LNG tanker fleet. We gathered data from 715 LNG tankers and FSRUs. Ship details and our questionnaire included ship name, IMO number, deadweight, carrying capacity, and current shipowners and company operators.

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