Cayman Islands Call for Aid as Disabled Cargo Ship Drifts Toward Shore

Cayman Islands Call for Aid as Disabled Cargo Ship Drifts Toward Shore - Merchant Navy Info - News

The Cayman Islands Government and the Cayman Islands Coast Guard called for help on Tuesday. Evening after receiving reports that a container ship was heading to the islands with an engine failure. The Cayman Islands Coast Guard Operations Coordination Center requested assistance. As the nearest tugboat was 60 nautical miles from the island. The Liberian-flagged container ship SC Montana (33,757 dwt) reported. To authorities that the ship’s main engine was not working and also that it was drifting toward the western tip of Little Cayman Island.

She is one of the three islands that make up this country. Located approximately 90 miles northeast of a Grand Cayman. This island is the smallest and also least populated of the islands. The docks on Little Cayman Island and nearby Cayman Brac Island are too small for the SC Montana. Government officials reported that they were discussing measures to contain possible accidents if the ship was not brought under control. 

Ship built

The 682-foot (208-meter) ship, built in 2004, reported that it still had power from her generator but was unable to restart her engine. The crew advised the vessel that they were trying to slow her drift but that she was at risk of running aground. Two passing ships, the Panamanian-flagged cargo ship Lefkes (33,298 dwt) and the Marshall Islands-flagged Aruna Cihan, responded to the call for help. The Lefkes reached the ship in time and were able to tow it to a safer location, and the Port Authority’s tugboat Navigator also headed to the area from Grand Cayman. Officials report that the crew of the SC Montana is safe and that the Environmental Protection Agency continues to monitor the situation. We would also like to thank the crews of both ships for their support.

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