What are the Duties of the Chief Officer?

What are the Duties of the Chief Officer - Merchant Navy Info - Blogs

The operation of a ship is the result of excellent teamwork between the deck and Chief Officer. Even if only an engineer is on board, or only a deckhand is on board, the ship cannot be controlled. While the engine department ensures the safe operation of a ship’s engines, the deck department is a system in which deck personnel, apart from those associated with the engine room, carry out other important tasks directly related to navigation and the efficient operation of the ship. It is an organizational unit that carries out specific tasks. One of the most important ranks among deck officers is the rank of first mate, the head of the ship’s deck department. He/she is one of her four commanders on board the ship, reporting directly to the captain and second-in-command after the captain.

One Of The Important Duties Of A Ship’s Chief Officer Is To: 

1. The chief officer is responsible for performing the navigational supervision duties of the vessel.

2. He/she is responsible for all cargo operations at the port, including loading and unloading and cargo planning.

3. Responsible for maintenance of cargo and cargo equipment transported on board.

4. One of the first officer’s important duties is responsibility for the stability of the ship.

5. Responsible for the maintenance of the ship’s hull and accommodation.

6. All rescue and firefighting equipment on board is the responsibility of the first officer.

7. Tasks include administrative tasks of planning and distributing work to the deck crew.

8. He/she must establish coordination with other departments and participate in conflict resolution.

9. The person is responsible for the disposal of waste from the ship’s deck and accommodation areas.

10. Responsible for the process of ballasting and de-ballasting on board.

11. You must ensure that all crew members comply with the latest  MARPOL, SOLAS, and STCW regulations.

12. The ISPS code is another responsibility that the chief executive must monitor.

13. Training on all the above regulations and practices must be conducted by the Chief Executive in accordance with company policy.

14. Maintain supply, overtime, and cost control records, orders, requisitions, and other documentation on behalf of land management.

15. He/she also acts as her SSO Ship Security Officer and is responsible for the overall security of the ship both in the port and also at sea.

16. S/he is responsible for the overall safety of the deck crew.

17. Responsible for the welfare of the crew on board. It is unthinkable to lead a ship without considering the position of first officer. The first mate is an important position on a ship.

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