China’s Hot EV Market Is No Longer Focused Solely on Lower Sticker Prices, Which Stocks to Watch

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Despite the new U.S. tariffs, China’s electric vehicles are already entering a new phase of competition that goes beyond price. China’s victory in the electric car market is no longer just about lower prices. Many industry insiders say that despite the new U.S. tariffs, China’s electric vehicle industry has already entered a new phase of competition focused solely on sticker prices. That’s good news for profit margins. However, it also puts pressure on companies to make sure they invest in developing features that consumers want. That interest was evident at the Beijing Auto Show late last month, where nearly every electric vehicle manufacturer focused on driver-assistance features and in-car entertainment.

However, the core technology underlying electric vehicles remains the battery. About 70% of JPMorgan survey respondents said they were willing to pay a premium for their preferred battery brand, especially one that offered a supercharger. “This is a positive for CATL, and CATL is now 1-1.

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