Dearsan Signs Contract With Qatar For 2 Fast Attack Craft

Dearsan Signs Contract With Qatar For 2 Fast Attack Craft - Merchant Navy Info - Blog

The Dearsan ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Qatari Navy, Rear Admiral Abdullah bin Hassan Al Surati. Prof. Dr. Mr. Haluk Gurgün, Director General of the Turkish Defense Service (SSB). And Mr. Aziz Yildirim, Chairman of the Board of Directors. According to her LinkedIn post for the company. The ship will be used for asymmetric warfare, patrol missions, and protection of territorial waters. Counter-piracy, reconnaissance and surveillance, search and rescue, disaster relief operations, border control, and more.

Base and Port Security:

The high-speed patrol vessel will be equipped with weapon systems for surface warfare, air defense warfare, and asymmetric warfare. Naval News contacted the companies’ representatives to learn more about the contract. Which included the procurement of two FAC50 fast attack ships for the Qatar Emiri Navy (QENF).  

According to  Erkan Yeniçeri, business development manager at  Dearsan. The project started four years ago and is currently in the signing stage. He said the company has already started the preliminary design phase and plans to complete a preliminary design review (PDR). Before moving to the critical design phase within eight months. Janissary also stressed that once the boat is completed. The first sea trials will be conducted in Turkey, followed by a second sea trial in Qatar before the handover. Diasan Shipyard is currently building her OPV 76 Marine Patrol Vessel for the Nigerian Navy. The shipyard will lay down the keel For the first of the two ships in September 2022 and launch them in October 2023. The company will also modernize the Nigerian Navy’s flagship, NNS Aradu. 

About the FAC50 

The FAC50 is a high-speed attack ship with a total length of 43 meters. A beam width of 9.2 meters, and a draft of 2 meters. The original model was 50 meters long but was specially adapted to meet QENF’s requirements. The original design has a displacement of approximately 320 tons. But boat calculations for  QENF are still being performed at the design stage. The hull is made of steel, and the overall superstructure is made of aluminum. Equipped with indigenous weapons and sensors, except for the  Leonardo 40mm gun, the FAC50 is equipped with Roketsan-made ÇAKIR missiles for ground defense and Sungur missiles for air defense.

In addition, two Aselsan Stamp long-range weapons stations and two of his 12.7-man machine guns will be deployed. The sensor suite includes Aselsan’s MAR-D ground and air surveillance radar, low probability of interception (LPI) navigation radar, electro-optical sensors, and electronic support systems. The  Dearsan FAC50’s propulsion system includes three diesel engines and also three water jets, allowing the boat to reach speeds in excess of 36 knots.

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