EH Group’s 250kW Fuel Cell System Receives Marine Approval From DNV

EH Group has received authorization in principles for its hydrogen fuel cell system. It is designed for maritime applications.
DNV evaluated and approved the 250kW solution. Guaranteeing that EH Group’s fuel cell design meets all the relevant maritime rules, regulations, codes, and standards.

The company is currently processing the EH TRACE-M250 module for ‘Type Approval’, which involves certifying the product completely. approval shows EH Group’s “commitment towards standards and norms,” according to its Founder, Mardit Matian. It takes an “important step” towards decarbonizing the maritime sector.

Danny Knippen, Certification Engineer and Project Manager at EH Group stated that DNV approved many outstanding innovations in their 250kW fuel cell system, which is a crucial step in its commercialization.

Knippen added that the approval from DNV will authorize the company to “scale up to meet the high-power needs of the marine sector and to provide turn-key solutions.”

The Swiss-based company also successfully tested its fuel cell technology in high-temperature PEM mode (HTPEMFC) last October (2023). Delivering more than 2.3kW/L of power at atmospheric pressure due to the exceptional stack design.

The solution anticipates enabling hydrogen-powered maritime and aviation. The group founded its Innovation Lab in India last year. India’s green hydrogen policy commitments inspired the creation of the lab to develop fuel cell technologies.

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