Why should the rich have all the fun? This luxury resort in Vietnam is taking guests to the unexplored depths of South China in glass enclosed submarine for a mere $45.

The luxury resort in the Vietnam is taking to an unexplored depths. Of the South China in a glass enclosed submarine for a mere $45. The South China Sea is the bhome to 37% of reef fish species and 76% of coral species. It is home to an abundance of marine life, including giant oysters, sharks, eels, also endangered sea turtles. And also variety of seabirds such as  terns and  shearwaters.

How Can You Experience These Wonders  In Your Hotel Room?

Resorts in Vietnam have understood this and improved their guests’ experience by doing just the opposite: underwater. At the Vinpearl complex on Hontre Island. You will have the wide opportunity to explore the fascinating marine world aboard her air-conditioned 24-person submarine. However the DeepView 24 can dive up to 328 feet deep, offering unparalleled views of the amazing aquatic world. Through its giant 5.5-inch thick acrylic window. Electric propulsion and also control, two 20 kW main thrusters (27 hp). And four 12.6 kW Bertrand engines (17 hp), reaching a maximum speed of 3 knots. Guests can stay comfortable inside her 50.5-foot-long submarine with plenty of room to stand up in excitement.

Triton, a Florida-based company that caters to billionaires worldwide, manufactures the DeepView 24 submarine. This cutting-edge submarine boasts a fully charged battery that enables an impressive 14 hours of underwater sightseeing. Equipped with ten powerful 20,000-lumen LEDs, it illuminates the depths at night, unveiling underwater mysteries. Triton is renowned for its record-breaking submarines, including the 13000/2 TE and the extraordinary 660 AVA, which not only reaches depths of 13,123 feet but also serves as a luxurious high-roller submarine.

It is being Or even at a cocktail bar. The more commercial version, DeepView 24, has been renamed Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang and will take you on an unforgettable 30-minute journey through shipwrecks, coral reefs and marine life. According to DailyMail, Vinpearl said: “Triton has a reputation for the building of submarines that can repeatedly and also safely navigate the deepest points of our oceans.

” We knew it would ensure the safety of the submarine and our guests.

Their team has been working with Vinpearl on this very project since the beginning, and we hope our guests will appreciate the experience we share. You can purchase tickets for Vinpearl Submarine Nha Trang online, at Vinpearl’s ticket office, or through various other channels. The cost is $60 for adults and $40 for children. Vinpearl’s official website describes the experience as follows: “As Vietnam’s first and only tourist submarine with a uniquely designed hull made of 100% transparent acrylic, also Vinpearl submarine.  Nha Trang offers visitors a unique experience of infinity, foresight, and also integrity. Immerse yourself in the deep, magical space of the ocean.

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