Exploring 5 Historic Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Exploring 5 Historic Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle - Merchant Navy Info - Blog d

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is one of the most mysterious places on Earth. This region, located off the southeast coast. Of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Is the epicentre of unsolved mysteries. Bermuda Triangle covers an area of ​​440,000 nautical miles and is part of a busy shipping route. With several ships heading to the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean each day. It is due to an unexplained result that it is a well-studied but mysterious part of the Earth’s surface. Many ships and aircraft have reportedly disappeared mysteriously in this area over the centuries.

The Devil’s Triangle 

Has also been blamed for the disappearance of thousands of people in recent decades. The term “Bermuda Triangle” was first used by Vincent Gaddis in his 1964  article published in Argosy magazine. The story of the Bermuda Triangle begins in the time of Christopher Columbus. During his first voyage to the New World, Columbus reportedly witnessed a flame of fire falling into a triangular sea. However, it was not until the turn of the 20th century. That the region’s mysterious behaviour began to attract public attention. That’s when the Navy cargo ship USS Cyclops disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle with more than 300 people on board. 

The most recent incident in the area was the disappearance of a small twin-engine aircraft in May this year. The plane, with four people on board. Suddenly disappeared from radar while flying from Puerto Rico to Florida. And the remains of the missing plane were later discovered. The most recent incident involving a ship was the sinking of a cargo ship. In the Bermuda Triangle during a deadly hurricane in October 2015. As mysterious accidents continue to occur frequently in the Bermuda Triangle region, many people are demanding an explanation. The mystery behind it. The role of the paranormal and the existence of aliens. Have been strongly advocated by those who believe that something strange is happening. But many with scientific views dispute this argument and deny the rationality of the phenomenon.

Provided An Explanation

Of the few scientific explanations that have been proposed. The theory of electromagnetic interference causing the compass problem is the most popular. This theory states that there is a very strong gravitational pull of the Earth’s natural magnet. That causes compasses and other advanced devices to change direction. And prevent them from following their intended path underwater. However, as there is no single theory that can provide a concrete explanation and most incidents. 

Are inaccurately reported or fabricated accidents, many people still believe that nothing is happening in the area. I believe there is nothing abnormal. Although there is no proven theory as to the exact reason behind the  Bermuda Triangle’s mystery. Accidents continue to occur in the area every year. The legend of the Bermuda Triangle consists of a series of mysterious disappearances of ships in the area. Most of them remain ignorant. Below is a list of the most famous disappearance stories or unsolved shipwreck mysteries in the Devil’s Triangle.

5 Historic Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Mary Celeste 

This ship is probably one of the most mysterious shipwreck stories and is a story in itself. Although the ship was found floating in another part of the Atlantic Ocean. Some connection to the Bermuda Triangle was drawn to find answers to the mystery of her fate.The ship was discovered on December 4, 1872, with all but the crew in place. Days after she began her journey from New York to Genoa, Italy, she was found stranded at sea. The ship carrying raw alcohol had a crew of seven, including Captain Benjamin Briggs, his wife, and their two-year-old daughter. 

However, a few days later, when the passing British ship  Dei Gratia spotted the Mary Celeste partially sailing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Azores, the ship was unoccupied, with no crew overseas and no lifeboats. It was also missing. It was also discovered that nine barrels in the cargo were empty, and a sword was on deck. No trace of people or the missing lifeboat was found outside the ship. An inspection of the ship clearly ruled out a pirate attack, as everything on board was intact, including the barrels of alcohol it was carrying and the crew’s valuables. 


Theories surrounding the Maria Celeste mystery have included the possibility of a criminal conspiracy, alien abduction, and even an attack by a giant squid. The possibility of natural disasters was also on the list. Although many suspected that the cause of the accident was an underwater earthquake, few suspected that the ship had accidentally entered the Bermuda Triangle. However, while these speculations may seem reasonable, it is clear that they do not add up. After all, why would a perfectly trained crew abandon the ship in good weather, with the ship completely intact, and then never show up again?

Ellen Austin American

There is a disturbing triangular mystery surrounding the White Oak schooner Ellen Austin. In 1881, Ellen Austin, who was 210 feet tall, was en route from London to New York when she encountered a shipwreck near the Bermuda Triangle. All seemed well with the unknown schooner drifting just north of the Sargasso Sea, but its crew were missing. Captain Baker of the Ellen Austin asked to observe the wreck for two days to ensure it was not a trap. After two days of no response, the captain and his crew enter the abandoned ship and discover that the cargo is neatly packed and there is no sign of the crew. To tow the ship with Ellen Austin, the captain sends a prize crew aboard the ship and sets sail with her. 

However, after two days of sailing on calm seas, a storm split the two ships’ paths and the wreck disappeared. According to the report, 4,444 days after the storm,  Captain Baker’s lookouts were able to see the ship through binoculars, but found it once again drifting aimlessly. After hours of effort, Ellen Austin was finally able to catch up with the ship. But strangely, no one was on board. However, another version of the story suggests her second attempt, in which Baker attempts to bring her back to land, but Ellen Austen suffers the same fate before leaving her cursed ship. It’s finished. 

According to other reports, the shipwreck was sighted again, but this time with a crew different from the crew of the Prize used by Ellen Austin. The disappearance and reappearance of the ship and the  absence of its award-winning crew is a fascinating story. Rather, it is  a mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, and it seems unlikely that it will be revealed any time soon.

USS Cyclops 

The disappearance of the USS Cyclops, one of the Navy’s largest fuel ships, was the largest loss of life in a single incident in U.S. Navy history. In March 1918, this huge ship, carrying 10,800 tons of manganese ore and a crew of approximately 309 people, set out on a voyage from Brazil through the Bermuda area to Baltimore. The ship departed on a fairly good day, and the first and only reports indicated that there were no problems. However, nothing was heard from the ship again. A massive search of the area was launched, but nothing was found. No remains of the ship or the crew have been found. 

The commander of the USS Cyclops never sent out a distress call, and the crew did not respond to radio calls from other nearby ships. Naval investigators were also unable to find a clear cause for his disappearance, but there were a number of theories suggesting different reasons. Due to its mysterious disappearance, the Cyclops is now part of a list of more than 100 ships and aircraft that have disappeared under strange circumstances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Carol A. Deering 

Carol A. Deering is a five-masted merchant shipping schooner whose mission is so completely mysterious that it is one of the most written about maritime mysteries of the 20th century. On January 31, 1921, Carol A. Deering was found stranded on the treacherous rocks of the Diamond Shoals in Hatteras, North Carolina. There was speculation that the ship was involved in rum smuggling. However, when a research team from Barbados arrived at the ship after several days of effort in  rough seas, they discovered an abandoned ship with the entire crew missing.

As well as the crew’s personal belongings,  navigational equipment, Logbooks and life rafts were found. Often referred to as the “Ghost Ship of the Outer Banks.” The Disappearance of the Carol A. Dearing, along with several other ships in the Bermuda Triangle, at the same time, has provided valuable information about this mysterious region, but nothing has brought us any closer to solving the mystery. There was nothing.  During this period, up to nine ships in the same area reportedly went missing, and their whereabouts are unknown.


On December 22, 1967, a cabin cruiser named Witchcraft left Miami with its captain, Dan Black, and his friend, Father Patrick Hogan. The two gentlemen’s trip aboard the 23-foot luxury yacht consisted of enjoying spectacular views of Miami’s Christmas lights. However,  just a mile from shore, the Coast Guard received a call from the captain informing them that the ship had encountered something, but there was no significant damage. : Coast Guard signalled rescuers to be towed to shore and departed immediately. She achieved her magic in just 19 minutes, but she was of no use. 

The area marking the ship’s location was completely deserted, with no sign that the ship had run aground or even been there before. What’s most interesting about this story is that this particular cruiser was virtually unsinkable, not to mention the fact that it was equipped with numerous life-saving equipment, including life vests, lifeboats, flares, and distress signals. None of these were used, and the ships were gone. The Coast Guard searched hundreds of square miles of ocean for severaldays without finding anything. Nothing related to this ship has been discovered to date. Since her ship is now gone, all we can do now is speculate.

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