French Carrier Strike Group Concludes Mission Akila

French Carrier Strike Group Concludes Mission Akila - Merchant Navy Info - News

The CSG is under the command of Rear Admiral Jacques Marard and also includes the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. The new replenishment ship (BRF) Jacques Chevalier, the multi-purpose frigate (FREMM). The air defence frigate (FDA), and also a nuclear-powered attack submarine. Allied naval escorts (Italian, Greek, and Portuguese) were integrated into the CSG. To maintain a joint capability for complex operations within the alliance at short notice. Nearly 3,000 French and also Allied soldiers are determined. To contribute to NATO’s defence and deterrence posture on Europe’s eastern flank. 

From 26 April to 10 May, CSG was placed under NATO operational control. For the first time as part of Neptune Strike 24 operations, conducting surveillance and also reconnaissance missions. And maintaining operational readiness and also interoperability. These activities made it possible to interact with the navies of Italy, Greece, Croatia, Romania. Great Britain, Turkey, Spain and also Bulgaria, as well as carry out air operations, especially in Germany and Romania. Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. From 16 to 23 May, CSG participated in the Italian high-intensity exercise Mare Apet 24.

French Navy’s Polaris

This year, the exercise introduced the French Navy’s Polaris approach to enhance combat readiness. The proportion of navies involved in planning and executing targeted naval operations in scenarios beyond the realistic realm. The French and Italian armies included 42 surface ships, six submarines, and 52 aircraft. CSG travelled 10,000 nautical miles (or 18,400 km) from the Balearic Sea to the Ionian Sea via the Strait of Messina and the mouth of Bonifacio during the Aquila mission. 18 Marine Rafales and 2 Hawkeyes of the Air Group were catapult-launched 650 times from the aircraft carrier and completed 1000 hours of flight, and five helicopters of the unit completed 200 or 300 hours of flight, flying over Souda (Crete). ATL2, which is based there, also flew. 

Completed 12 missions in 90 flight hours. The aircraft flew a total of 1,500 hours. Mission Aquila was the first operational mission in which BRF Jacques Chevalier participated, resupplying 35 French and Allied buildings, including 32 of the CSG. The mission also enabled experiments to refuel and reload Aster missiles at sea, transport supplies between destroyers using drones, and conduct remote damage repair experiments organized by the Fleet Support Agency. These two consecutive operational activities allow her to maintain a high level of interoperability with NATO forces and prepare her for high-intensity symmetrical naval warfare with allies in a multi-environmental and multi-disciplinary logic.

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