Green Methanol Offshore Production Platform gets RINA’s Stamp of Approval

Green Methanol Offshore Production Platform gets RINA’s Stamp of Approval - Merchant Navy Info - News

Italian classification society RINA has granted approval in principle (AiP) to Chinese company. Kindon New Energy Technology (Jiangsu) for its offshore green methanol production platform solution. Provided by: RINA As previously mentioned, this solution produces methanol entirely offshore from renewable. CO2 through direct air capture technology (DAC)  and also green hydrogen. Through water electrolysis technology on offshore wind farms. This process synthesizes methanol from hydrogen and CO2 under high temperature and also pressure conditions. All methanol synthesis processes will be completed on an offshore platform, and electricity needs. Will be met entirely with green electricity from offshore wind power.

With  DAC technology,  CO2 is easily available. The system is also equipped with an interface for future access to external sources of green or biomass-derived CO2. According to the developer, the platform can produce 100,000 tonnes per year. (mtpa) of green methanol. “The entire  methanol production process uses real green hydrogen, also renewable carbon dioxide from DAC, and sustainable electricity. The concept is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for decarbonization. We provide an alternative,” said Wenbo Wang, CEO of Kindon New Energy.

Luigi Mattera, Director of RINA’s China Marine Operations, said:  Almost all current methanol synthesis processes use CO2 from industrial carbon capture from fossil fuels. AiP recognizes that the methanol produced on this offshore production platform meets the most stringent green methanol standards using the latest DAC technology.”We are pleased to award this AiP to Kindon. This innovative approach represents an important step towards sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods in the marine and marine industries.”Most Popular As an alternative fuel option. In February 2024, DNV reported that 23 vessels had been added to the AFI database since the beginning of the year.

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