Eight Missing in Collision off China’s Hainan Island

Eight Missing in Collision off China's Hainan Island - Merchant Navy Info - News

Eight fishermen are missing after an their fishing boat collided with a feeder vessel off the coast of Hainan Island. Local search and rescue authorities said. The fishing boat “Yuenan Blueyu 36062” collided with the 1,000 TEU ark SITC Danang. And sank on Wednesday evening about 20 nautical miles south of Yingge Haitown. A city in the southwestern tip of Hainan province. Authorities in the special administrative region searched about 6,000 square miles. With 21 rescue ships and five aircraft, but as of Saturday evening, no survivors had been found.

Using sonar and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to determine the ship’s location, PLA Navy Southern Theater Rescue Forces obtained video images of the ship’s markings for confirmation. However, the ship was surrounded by loose fishing nets, which, combined with strong local currents, made conditions too dangerous for divers to approach in the search, officials told China Daily. The cause of the collision is under investigation. SITC Danang remains berthed at a port near Sanya, Hainan province.

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