Vietnamese Capital, Hanoi, Tops The List Of Most Polluted Cities

HANOI, The streets of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, were blanketed in thick smog on Monday. With visibility severely reduced by high levels of air pollution from car exhaust and construction-related particulate matter. The concentration of dangerous small particles is known as PM 2.5. In Hanoi’s air was 187 micrograms per cubic meter as of Monday night. Ranking it among the most polluted international cities, according to data from  AirVisual. It was at the highest level. Independent data on global air pollution provides information through a phone app. “This is harmful to our health,” said Duong Kim Oan, 58, a resident of Hanoi. 

“I think the pollution in Hanoi is caused not only by the cold weather but also by the large number of private cars and fine dust from all the construction work.Traffic scene under air pollution in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 2, 2024.According to a 2021 World Bank report, emissions from Hanoi’s 8 million registered vehicles account for 30% of air particle pollution. With industrial emissions accounting for a further 30%. Another resident, Pham Thi Phuong, said the pollution “can affect people’s respiratory system, making them feel sick and suffocating.” On February 2, nearly 100 flights departing from and arriving at Hanoi International Airport were delayed or forced to divert to other cities due to dense fog and worsening air pollution. 

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