Fire Breaks Out on World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Fire Breaks Out On World’s Largest Cruise Ship - Merchant Navy Info - News....

The crew on board the world’s largest cruise ship, the Icon of the Seas, were called on to tackle a fire this week as the gigantic vessel was berthed in a port in Mexico.

The “small fire” was “quickly extinguished” after it broke out on Tuesday, the ship’s operator, Royal Caribbean spokesperson, confirmed to CNN Travel.  The cruise line said there were no injuries, and the overall on-board impact was “minimal.”

The record-breaking Icon of the Seas. This cruise ship is nearly 1,200-foot-long and 250,800 gross tons . The world’s largest sruise ship was docked in Costa Maya, Mexico when the incident occurred. The vessel briefly lost power, but backup power was activated right away.

The Royal Caribbean spokesperson confirmed crew members controlled the blaze and explained that all crew are trained to handle such situations.

According to the cruise line, on-board announcements alerted passengers about what was happening during the incident. Social media users on an Icon of the Seas Facebook group spoke of minor disruption to their day, but proceedings were quickly back to normal.

Largest Cruise Ship Continues Voyage Despite Onboard Fire

The $2-billion Icon of the Seas made headlines when it launched earlier this year with its seven swimming pools. The cruise ship included a record-breaking 17,000-square-foot water park. The fire has not impacted the vessel’s current itinerary. It is now end route to the Mexican island of Cozumel.

In March, a fire broke out on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, with footage captured by a passenger of the ship’s tail ablaze. These incidents are growing and cause serious concern. This is something which is problematic for everyone.

Speaking to CNN Travel, a Royal Caribbean spokesperson spoke his mind. Minor fires are “not common, but also not uncommon” on cruise ship. However, are usually handled swiftly and with minimal disruption to passengers.

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