LR: IMO Guidance On Ballast Water Record-Keeping And Reporting

This circular is specifically aimed at clarifying the recording and reporting process under the BWM Convention, including guidance on completing a ballast water logbook.

Ballast Water Report Form 

This circular contains an updated example of the Ballast Water Report Form (BWRF) and instructions on how to complete it. Some port countries may require the submission of her BWRF for ships calling at a port, offshore terminal, or berth.

Voluntary per-tank logging form 

This circular also includes a sample form and instructions for completing the form for voluntary per-tank logging of BW operations. Although not required by the BWM Convention, it is recommended as a best practice to maintain a log for each tank. IMO also published the following minor fixes: 

  1. Guidelines for Ballast Water Management and 
  2. BW Management Plan Development (G4)  
  3. 2017 BWr Exchange Guidelines (G6)  

These changes are not expected to become a requirement. – Approval of existing BW management plan.

Recommended Action 

A copy of the circular should be attached to the vessel’s BW log and ballast water management plan.

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