Indonesia Bolsters Naval Power With Submarine Deal

Indonesia Bolsters Naval Power With Submarine Deal - Merchant Navy Info - News

Indonesia is strengthening its naval capabilities and also increasing. Its commitment to maritime sovereignty through agreements with Naval Group and PT PAL. The agreement, signed on March 28, 2024, marks the beginning of a new wave. Of naval warfare technology transfer and domestic production. Amid growing regional security concerns, Indonesia’s decision to adopt a fully lithium-ion battery (LiB). The submarine developed by Scorpene demonstrates foresight and also urgency in modernizing its defence infrastructure. 

The Partnership 

Between Naval Group, a global naval defense company. And also Indonesian state-owned shipbuilding company PT PAL represents. An important collaboration to strengthen the operational capabilities of the Indonesian Navy. The 1.18 billion euro ($1.26 billion) contract will build two multi-purpose patrol vessels (PPAs). For Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense, repurposed vessels originally destined for the Italian Navy. Scorpene is expected to join other Indonesian diesel-electric submarines, such as the Tupi class acquired by the Brazilian Navy. 

Indonesia also ordered three Nagapasa-class submarines from South Korea. According to GlobalData’s information on the Indonesian defence market, South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and also Marine Engineering (DSME) built two ships, while PT PAL is building her third.  Naval Group and PT PAL’s cooperation represents a broader effort to advance domestic defence industry expertise beyond submarine acquisition by leveraging technology transfer and local manufacturing capabilities with Indonesia. It’s about pursuing long-term strategic goals. 

The Scorpene Evolution 

The submarine is versatile and has stealth capabilities. These submarines are equipped with power systems and combat management technology that allows for flexible operations in a variety of maritime environments. Dr. Kaharuddin Genod, President and Director of PT PAL, emphasized the importance of the agreement in the advancement of Indonesia’s defence technology. “This measure demonstrates the great commitment and confidence of the Indonesian government in the ability of local engineers to develop defence technology, especially submarines.” It is also supported by the provision of government capital (PMN) to fully support local submarine production. Indonesia is expected to acquire submarine technology in the future.

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