Iran Seizes US Oil Cargo in Persian Gulf

Iran seizes US oil cargo in Persian Gulf - Merchant Navy Info - News

The episode took place following a court order after the Iranian EB patients filed a complaint against the United States.
The Iranian EB patients filed a complaint against the US due to the sanctions imposed on Iran. They prevent the import of the drugs they need.

The court ordered the authorities to seize US oil cargo from the ADVANTAGE SWEET oil tanker in the Persian Gulf.

The Iranian EB patients had complained to the United States at the legal court of international relations (branch 55) of Tehran after the sanctions charged by the Western states. Above all, the US stopped the sale of special medical bandages and pharmaceuticals by a Swedish company to Iran. Which caused severe physical and mental damage to the patients suffering from EB, a group of rare, inherited skin disorders. It causes the skin to become very weak and blister easily.

After legal proceedings and efforts by the case attorney, the Iranian court issued a warrant to seize the American oil cargo carried by the Advantage Sweet tanker in the Persian Gulf.

The oil tanker was captured afterward.

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