Giant New Iraqi Port Touted as Alternative Gateway to Europe

Giant New Iraqi Port Touted as Alternative Gateway To Europe - Merchant Navy Info - News

New Iraqi port set to be a game changer. Abu Dhabi’s AD Ports Group has entered into a preliminary contract with the General Company for Ports of Iraq (GCPI). They aim to set up a joint venture to develop Al-Faw Grand Port and the economic zone. The agreement also includes the potential investment, management, and operation of ports, economic zones. In addition to this the needed infrastructure in other cities in Iraq. This would help bring peace to a very troubled country. Everyone is eager for it work.

The Grand Faw port program has been on the drawing board since 2010. This Iraqi port is very delayed, it is anticipated to be completed by the end of next year. The port, which includes the world’s longest breakwater, is located on the northern tip of the Persian Gulf. This is close to Basra and is set to be among the biggest ports in the Middle East when it finally opens. Thereby catering for containers, dry bulk and tankers.

Iraqi port set to be a game changer

Farhan Muhesen Al Fartosi, director general of GCPI talked about this. He stated: “By leveraging the port’s strategic location linking commercial lines between the east and the west. Thus, we will unlock new opportunities for trade, investment and economic growth, contributing to the prosperity of our nation.” This gigantic port is in a position to change the destiny of the Iraqi people.

“Combined with the development road project, Iraq’s most prominent economic and logistics development, this project will strengthen maritime transport and freight shipping between Asia and Europe,” said Razzaq Muhaib as Al-Saadawi, Iraq’s minister of transport.
Earlier this year, Turkey and Iraq unveiled a massive, 1,200 km, $17bn road and rail link project (see map below) linking the Grand Faw port in southern Iraq to Turkey’s border and further extending into Europe, avoiding the Suez Canal.

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