World’s Largest Fishing Boat for the Super-Rich Is 171 ft Long With 6 Decks

World's Largest Fishing Boat for the Super-Rich Is 171ft Long With 6 Decks

The world’s largest sport fishing boat, measuring 171 feet in length, has been launched by a superyacht company. The completed Royal Huisman’s Project 406 is the largest and “most luxurious” sportfishing yacht ever built. According to the ship’s press release. The manufacturer describes it as “the ultimate expression of personal freedom.” The ship has been under construction since December 2020. And is currently sailing from the shipyard in Vollenhove, Netherlands, in preparation for the launch in Amsterdam.

The entire ship is quite large and in addition to its incredible length. It also has a total of six decks. The price is not disclosed, but it is perfect for those who like both luxury fishing and sport fishing.

Royal Huisman

A spokesperson for  Royal Huisman told Newsweek that for yachts of this size. Shipyards typically require a one-year development period before construction, followed by two years. He said it was necessary to build. One thing is for sure: it is perfect for those who enjoy luxury as well as fishing. According to Royal Huisman, it “combines the ultimate sport fishing experience with the size, comfort, and refinement of a true superyacht.” Sport fishing can be enjoyed on any boat, but this boat is sure to make the experience even more enjoyable. Yachts are typically designed solely for leisure and luxury, but this superyacht has an incredibly high upper deck, making it ideal for avid anglers. The high upper deck is specially designed to provide fishermen with a large area of ​​water.

From here, they can scout for fish and find the best place to cast a line or simply observe. In a statement to Newsweek, Royal Huisman said the yacht’s main feature was its size. “Additionally, Project 406 is unique in that it combines the characteristics of a sportfishing yacht with the comfort and space of a superyacht,” they said. This “very prestigious project” was designed both externally and internally by Dutch architecture firm Vripack Yacht Design. 

The yacht

The yacht has a “distinctive” long bow and a “high bulwark that leads through a clear line of sight to a low, uncluttered cockpit at the stern.” The yacht’s price and value are confidential, but Royal Huisman says this yacht is perfect. He is an experienced owner with a passion for fishing. ”And one thing is for sure: buyers are sure to leave with a  few cents. This yacht is not only  the largest in the world, but without a doubt, the world’s most tailored, best-equipped, and meticulously constructed impressive true sportfishing yacht.” The manufacturer reported in a press release.

“Project 406 was flawlessly, comprehensively designed, engineered, and efficiently constructed by the shipyard’s team of over 350 individual experts and highly qualified builders. “Royal Huisman is thought to be the only shipyard in the world able to realize such unique and innovative bespoke motor yacht projects. Also known as the world’s largest true sportfishing yacht. Project 406 will turn heads wherever it goes.

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