The Largest Floating Dock in the Baltic States

In early July, the Baltic state’s largest floating dock was permanently installed at the  BLRT Group’s western shipyard in the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda. The first ship has already been accepted for repair. This floating dock accommodates post-Panamax, Panamax, and also Aframax vessels with a length of 235 meters, a width of 45 meters, and also deadweight capacity of 33,000 tons. In 2016, she was taken over by the BLRT Group and refurbished and modernized.

The first four-year phase of the project has been completed with dock commissioning and also acceptance of the first vessel for repair. The second phase of the development of the ship repair division is expected to be completed in the coming months, following the establishment of another huge dock for Panamax vessels obtained at the conclusion of 2019.  The dock is currently 201 meters long and 35 meters wide with a lifting capacity of 30,000 tons and is currently undergoing modernization and restoration. 

The Existing Dock

The existing dock, with a length of 200 m, a width of 30 m, and a capacity of 27,000 tons. Is considered the largest ever operated at the shipyard, but only the third in terms of its capacity. BLRT Andrejus Babatinas, CEO of  REPAIR YARDS. Said: The first ship to be accepted into the Baltic States’ largest floating dock will be managed by  Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement Cyprus (BSM). The container ship Minerva was 189 meters long and 30.5 meters wide. The ship underwent mandatory repairs to meet the requirements applicable to ships of this class. Experts from one of his BLRT repair yards, Western Shiprepair,  completed the project in just 12 days.

In recent years, BLRT Group has invested more than $120 million to strengthen the competitiveness of the Western Shipyard Group. Of companies and expand its production capacity in Klaipėda. The implementation of the multi-million dollar project was made possible thanks to cooperation. With the Klaipėda Seaport Authority, which also invested in port infrastructure to ensure the safe handling of vessels. Up to 300 meters in length. All these measures will significantly improve the operating conditions. For both Western Shipyard Group companies and also other operators operating in this port area.


Group is one of the largest industrial holding companies in the Baltic region. The BLRT Group includes the BLRT Repair Shops (Tallinn Shipyard in Estonia. Western Ship Repair in Lithuania, and Turku Repair Yard in Finland). Offering comprehensive services in the field of ship repair and modernization. Masu. The group also owns two shipyards: Western Baltia Shipyard in Klaipeda and Markettex Marine in Tallinn.

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