Top 10 Ship Tracking Websites to Find Your Ship Accurately

10 Ship Tracking Websites

Rapid technological advances have recently greatly improved vessel monitoring and live ship tracking free. Additionally, rapidly developing satellite services are making it easier to track ships around the world. Ensuring their safety from a variety of threats. With the help of satellite-based Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). Various types of ships can be efficiently monitored over long periods of time by maritime authorities and ship owners. Automatic Identification System “AIS” Helps track large ships as they transit through oceans. Around the world by providing real-time information about ships.

Several websites currently offer vessel tracking using automatic identification systems that display the vessel’s location in real-time. The satellite collects AIS signals from ships using transponders on board. And provides location, route, speed and vessel type through various online platforms.

Google Earth Impact

The introduction of Google Earth has revolutionised live ship tracking free. Making every detail of almost any vessel accessible within seconds. However, because the online services that provide live ship tracking free information differ. The purpose of the content they provide differs. It is important to note that vessel tracking through these online platforms is often for educational purposes. However, many of these services are also used to track various types of cargo ships, such as container ships.

Although most of these service providers promise “real-time” tracking of vessels. The data they display is always delayed by several minutes or even hours. Therefore, this information should never be used for navigation purposes. Here, we list some well-known websites that are widely used for near-accurate online live ship tracking free . These vessel tracking devices provide the vessel’s location, technical and non-technical details, designated route and photos.

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Marine Traffic 

Marine Traffic is one of the most well-known and widely used online live ship tracking free systems, providing real-time ship data and advanced search capabilities. Offers.

Satellite Provides shipowners with a number of services including AIS coverage, enhanced satellite tracking, enhanced density maps, nautical charts, and more. In addition to tracking ships, Marine Traffic also allows for the tracking of various ports around the world. In addition, the site’s AIS system has an extensive database of all types of vessels.

Maritime traffic records at least 800 million ship positions and 18 million ship and port-related events every month. Additionally, it provides information on his 650,000 marine assets such as ships, ports, and lighting. This open, community-based project provides many free services but requires a fee for advanced features. This website is located in over 165 countries where he operates over 2,000 of his AIS stations, has over 600,000 registered users, and about 20 million people visit his website every month .


FleetMon is another open database of an ships and ports around the world, providing real-time AIS ship position data and technical information for over 500,000 ships.Provides vessel details, schedules and ports, trade patterns and photos as per customer search.

The interactive FleetMon Explorer tool allows you to view vessel traffic in real-time and access information such as operational monitoring, logistics planning, vessel tracking, and traffic analysis. FleetMon was founded in 2007 and currently has customers in 164 countries. Fleet Mon is one of the best live ship tracking free services and offers apps for iPhone and iPad.

Ship Finder 

This is another widely used online live ship tracking free service that allows you to find ships based on various options such as ship number, tonnage, capacity, ownership, construction, etc.

An online service that collects AIS vessel feeds used by vessels over 300 tons, passenger ships, yachts, and other small vessels and provides real-time information to customers.It also tracks users’ search history to improve user experience and offers paid premium memberships for advanced users.

Vessel Finder 

Founded in 2011, VesselFinder uses a large network of ground-based AIS receivers to provide real-time data on over 100,000 vessels each day. VesselFinder provides services on digital, social and mobile platforms, providing efficient monitoring services, port calls, master data and detailed voyage history for each vessel. In addition, historical AIS data services are also provided, offering customized vessel movement reports, traffic density analysis, and video simulations of vessel movements, among other things.

Vessel Tracker 

With a database of over 1,000,000 vessels, Vesseltracker provides customized real-time and historical data are on vessels sailing around the world. It helps users monitor ships using map views and layers such as Google Satellite, Google Earth, and nautical charts.

The website has a huge database of updated vessel specifications, characteristics, ownership and management information. In addition, Vesseltracker provides analysis and reporting on vessel movements and port events.

VT Explorer 

VT Explorer provides users with real-time AIS location data and technical information from over 100,000 vessels every day. In addition to the necessary information, the website also provides images of all tracked vessels. VT Explorer is available on both PC and mobile devices and helps you monitor ship schedules and arrivals and analyze trading patterns.


Myshiptracking is another advanced website that provides real-time location of ships around the world. myshiptracking has a large database that allows users to efficiently monitor ships and ports and analyze global maritime traffic. This website also allows you to save your browsing data and through its mobile app it serves iPhone and Android users.


Unlike other online ship monitoring websites, CruiseMapper provides information on the locations and schedules of cruise ships serving tourists around the world.

With the Cruise Ships and Ports Database, the website provides information on the features and technical specifications of each cruise, as well as information on the main ports where cruise ships dock.

Ship Location 

The Ship Location website tracks 80,000 ocean and river vessels and provides status information for 17,000 ports and marinas, 1,400 cruise ports, 1,000 shipyards, and more. Targeted at ship owners, managers, logistics companies and agents. It can also be used by individuals to track ships.

The website has three useful maritime tools:

  1. Distance Calculator – Calculate port-to-port distances on various routes.
  2. Maritime Locator – Helps track ship-related services.
  3. Ship Tracker – Helps you track ships using geographic coordinates.

Among them, Maritime Locator and Ship Tracker are very useful. Locator helps you save time by finding the nearest commercial or cruise port, or transportation service such as a repair shop, shipping agent, or bunker.

Baltic Shipping 

Baltic Shipping is committed to maintaining the world’s most advanced seafarer database. This website is available to all maritime industry professionals. Individuals can develop their careers and find new job opportunities with reputable maritime companies.

Users can keep all their documents in one place and easily share them with businesses. You can also monitor document expiration dates and the system will automatically keep everything up to date. Registration is also very easy. Another important service of the website is vessel tracking and vessel search. We have a huge database of different ships. You can get information about a specific ship by entering the ship name, IMO number, and ship type.


Ship tracking websites have dramatically changed the way ships and cargo are tracked and maritime traffic monitored. These websites provide a wealth of information with just one click and allow you to see your ship’s location in real-time. Easily access up-to-date information about your ship’s movements, current location, speed, and direction.

These websites allow you to track ships around the world. This is important for maritime companies and maritime service providers. Whether you’re a shipping expert, a boat enthusiast, or just someone who loves tracking maritime traffic, the Ship Tracking website is the place to go for all the information about a particular ship or fleet. It is an important tool that allows you to get information easily and easily.

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