What Is The Merchant Marine Salary After 5 Years’ Experience?

Joining the Merchant Navy opens the door to exciting adventures and generous salaries around the world. However, a merchant merchant navy salary after 5 years varies depending on his rank, years of service, and also the ship he served on. In this article, we will examine the variables that influence the average income of merchant naval officers in India. Learn more about careers in the Merchant Navy, including how to improve your compensation. The following are the changes that can be made to a  merchant navy salary after 5 years varies: 


Merchant naval officers receive a salary commensurate with their rank. Salary is proportional to rank.

Knowledge and Experience

Officers who have served longer in the Merchant Navy receive higher salaries.

Vessel Type

Oil tankers and container ships, in particular, pay higher salaries to the personnel operating them than other types of commercial ships.


Merchant seafarers’ salaries can also be affected by the company they work for. Payment rates vary depending on the company. The benefits of a career in the Merchant Navy are enormous. Merchant Marine personnel receive competitive salaries and also benefits packages that include international travel and cultural experiences. Although a career in the Merchant Navy has many benefits, there are also some challenges. Long working hours and separation from loved ones are common experiences for merchant seafarers. If you’re looking for a rewarding and also satisfying career with excellent earning potential, a career in the Merchant Navy is a great choice.

Freshman Merchant Navy Salary in India  

In India, the average annual salary for a Merchant Navy Officer is 37 LPA, with a starting salary of approximately 7.2 LPA. Compensation for commercial naval officers can reach over 1 billion with proper training and experience. Merchant Marine Job Profile: Take a look at the job description and salary range for each position in the  

Merchant Marine His 12th Salary After  

High school graduates who want to join the  Merchant Marine have many options. Get a fair salary. After graduating from school, those who wish to join the Merchant Navy will learn important things such as ship maintenance, fire and rescue equipment, and daily environmental monitoring. They are also responsible for other duties within the port. Listed below are the special conditions that candidates must meet to join the Merchant Navy after completing the Class 12 examination.

1: All students must earn a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 60% or higher in the four required subjects: Mathematics, Science, English, and Physics.

2: The applicant’s age must not be more than 17 to 25 years old when she starts her studies.

3: Those interested in becoming a Cadet Cadet or a Deck Cadet can do so through the Pre-Sea Nautical Diploma program.

4: After high school, your income increases gradually based on years of experience, new skills, and acquired knowledge.

Merchant Navy Officer Salary After 10th 

To enroll in the GP assessment course, students must have secured a minimum aggregate score of  45% in the Class 10 board exam. Not only do you have to complete a series of tests that measure your cognitive and motor skills, you also have to fill out a registration form. Six months of general-purpose presea training primarily prepares cadets for her two positions: her engine evaluation and deck evaluation.  After completing the GP assessment training, candidates can begin working as a deckhand or engineer. After  36 months of service, you will be eligible to take the second officer exam and become an officer.  If you pass the Class 10 exam and wish to join the Merchant Navy, you can expect a starting salary of INR 25,000-30,000, with the possibility of increases depending on your performance and upcoming exams.

Merchant Navy Second Class Officer Salary 

Shipping company, ship type, and years of experience all play important roles in determining the salary of a Merchant Navy Second Class Officer. This role offers a competitive salary plus numerous opportunities for professional development and advancement.  The second officer is responsible for guiding the ship using the ship’s radar and GPS. You should also keep your ears open to check the news and get the latest weather information. 

The Maritime and Coast Guard (MCA) Certificate of Competency is often obtained by second officers through a training program that includes attending a maritime college and on-the-job experience. No particular level of training is required for civil servants with appropriate qualifications or higher national qualifications.  The starting salary for a second-class officer in the Merchant Navy is approximately 3.4 million Rupees per annum (LPA), with the possibility of increases based on internal examination performance and years of service.

Merchant Navy Third Class Officer Salary

Both the type of company and the specific ship used determine the salary of a Merchant Navy Third Class Officer. Here are some important points about Merchant Navy Third Officer Salary: The third officer was generally responsible for directing the daily operations of the crew. The third officer is responsible for fuel, speed, engine usage as well as technical operations.After you complete your initial training and also receive your MCA certificate, you will learn most of what you need to know in the workplace. Candidates will also be provided with additional opportunities to gain work experience over time. Candidates will have additional options for leadership roles as they further earn their MCA qualification.  An experienced third-class officer in the Merchant Navy can expect a monthly salary of 4-8L

Company-Based Merchant Marine Salaries 

There are a number of well-known merchant marine companies headquartered in India that often hire both fresh graduates and experienced personnel for a wide range of positions. Companies like ESSAR SHIPPING LTD, MERCATOR LTD, Anglo Eastern Shipping, and ABG SHIPYARD are leaders in the Indian merchant shipping industry.


Merchant navy salary after 5 years varies based on performance. As part of their daily work, they explore the world, manage cargo, monitor ship routes, repair and clean ships, and also learn about different cultures. A non-combat organization, the merchant navy oversees the transportation of goods and people. As a merchant marine officer, it is your duty to ensure the safe delivery of all personnel and cargo carried on the ships you command. Merchant Navy offers different profiles based on the applicant’s educational background.

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