165-Meter Submersible Superyacht M5 By Migaloo

Migalus M5 is a 165-metre superyacht that doubles as a giant submersible and is designed according to its owner’s preferences. When passengers don’t want to look at the horizon,  Migaloo M5 lets them dive below the surface. Looking at the exterior of the superyacht, there are multiple pressure-resistant hulls. Located throughout the vessel, supporting and accompanying the double-hull structure. Once inside the main pressure hull. The owner will find her two mini-submarines that can be used as additional vessels underwater.

Superyacht with helipad and land tender Migaloo. The company’s underwater superyacht M5. Has redundancy of all relevant systems and helps protect all passengers in case of on- and underwater emergencies. It states that it is equipped with a submarine escape immersion device. The Migaloo M5, with all its luxury features. Is ready to accommodate aircraft in a helipad on the aft deck. And a helicopter hangar in one of the pressure hulls.

Both air and land bidders are welcome on board. Including helicopters as well as drones, hot air balloons, SUVs, trucks, and pickup trucks. All of this can also be safely stored inside a diving superyacht. In case you decide to take a dive into the water. 

Water Sports and Activities on Migaloo’s M5: 

The exterior and interior design of the customizable underwater superyacht is up to the owner. The design team, led by CEO and designer Christian Gampold, guides owners through the design process, from on-board superyacht water sports and activities to designing beach club expeditions and creating bespoke amenities, equipment and style for Migaloo M5. Equipment that can be set up by the owner includes kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, various kite surfing and diving equipment, wake surfing water ski equipment, inflatable boats, wet suits, and even camping equipment if needed. It is used for journeys taking passengers somewhere in the tropics. Entertainment for all passengers is also at the heart of the Migaloo M5’s design options.

Owners can choose satellite TV, interactive entertainment rooms and walls, and even an outdoor movie theater if desired. While the customizable super diving yacht is out at sea, a powerful Wi-Fi connection follows the vessel, allowing passengers to continue surfing the internet both on and off the water. At night, the Migaloo M5 glows in the dark with fluorescent green light, creating a light show. Its end glows brightly against the darkness of the ocean, making it the perfect signal finder if you get lost along the way. At the time of publishing this article, customizable underwater superyachts were still a concept open to new owners who could customize their exterior and interior design however they liked.

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