Russian Submarine Hit by Missiles Now in New Hiding Place in Sevastopol

Russian Submarine Hit by Missiles Now in New Hiding Place in Sevastopol - Merchant Navy Info - News

The Russian Navy’s kilo-class submarine, which was attacked by storm shadow/scalp cruise missiles, has been relocated. The Rostov-on-don is now in a new hideout further inside the Crimean port of Sevastopol. She is camouflaged but not unnoticed. H I Sutton June 7, 2024 The Russian Navy’s improved Kilo-class submarines remain a major problem for Ukraine They are used to launch Kalbi cruise missiles, and some may have been involved in the massive missile attack on Ukraine on June 1, 2024, And they remain a constant threat to commercial shipping in and out of Ukraine’s remaining Black Sea ports However, one of these submarines, Rostov-on-Don (B-237), was destroyed by a cruise missile last September Analysis of several sources confirms that the only damaged submarine so far has now been relocated.

The Submarine Was Hidden Deep Within the Port 

The fact that it is still in dock confirms the assessment that it is not seaworthy. Attack on the Russian submarine On September 13, 2023, the Project 6363 Improved Kilo-class submarine Rostov-on-Don (B-237), which was in drydock in Sevastopol, was attacked by Ukrainian missiles. In one fell swoop, the cruise missiles disabled both the prized submarine and the drydock. It took months to pull the destroyed submarine from the drydock, and there are indications that it may never return to combat. The submarine has now been moved to a less used drydock in the port, near 446125° and 335566°. Camouflage netting was strung up to conceal his presence and make observation more difficult for the Russian submarine.

The submarine was moved from the attack site to a floating dock deeper in the harbour. Sevastopol is no longer safe for the Russian Navy. At the time the full-scale invasion began in February 2022, Sevastopol was a safe haven for the Russian Navy. All major warships, including the flagship cruiser Moskva, and all Kilo-class submarines were stationed there. However, Ukrainian drones began threatening the base at the end of 2022. Missile attacks on the Rostov-on-Don and Minsk landing ships in September 2023 signalled the arrival of more powerful missiles. British and French-supplied Storm Shadow/Scalp cruise missiles forced Russia to evacuate almost all of its larger warships and submarines farther east to Novorossiysk. The US-supplied ATACMS missiles only reinforced this as they were responsible for sinking the Zhikron missile corvette in port in May 2024.

Importance Of the Dry Dock in Sevastopol

By moving the submarines to a smaller dock, the dry dock will be freed up for other ships. Many ships of the Black Sea Fleet may be overdue for dry dock maintenance. Several warships are expected to be brought to Sevastopol for critical maintenance. These are particularly vulnerable to attacks by Ukrainian ATACMS and Storm Shadow. While there is widespread agreement among prominent analysts that the submarine can be written off, Russian intelligence sources have maintained that the submarine was only slightly damaged and would return to war. Analysts will be closely monitoring the situation. The deception attempt may also be aimed at maintaining the impression that the submarine may return to duty. The purpose of Russian propaganda is to hide embarrassing losses from both its citizens and its enemies.

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