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Multi-mission Configurable Police Boat

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Multi-mission Configurable Police Boat - Merchant Navy Info - news

Police Boats are fast, maneuverable, and ready for action. ASIS Boats specializes in manufacturing quality boats for police and law enforcement agencies.  Our boats are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of these organizations and are used by police departments and other law enforcement agencies around the world. Law enforcement and police boats for all situations Our RHIBs are rugged, reliable, and can withstand harsh conditions and rough seas. These Police Boats are built with military-grade materials to ensure reliability even in difficult conditions. Versatile, Fast, Powerful, and Reliable Police and Law Enforcement Boats Besides being durable, our law enforcement and police boats are extremely maneuverable and versatile.

Suitable for a wide range of applications.

These Police boats are ideal for long-term patrols, security, and transporting personnel and equipment. A fully customizable law enforcement and police boat with the latest technology. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of various law enforcement agencies. RHIB can be customized to meet each agency’s specific needs with a variety of features and options, including:

Aluminum or fiberglass

hull Air or Hyb

foam-filled tubes

Amphibious capabilities

Customizable seating and storage arrangements

Advanced navigation and communications systems

Tactical lighting and other special equipment

Various propulsion systems:

Inboard Engine

Outboard Engine

Stern Drive J

et Propulsion


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