Neom Plans A Golf Community On The Gulf Of Aqaba

Neom Plans A Golf Community On The Gulf Of Aqaba - Merchant Navy Info - News

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM has announced plans for Gidri, a new residential golf development in the Gulf of Aqaba. The area’s natural landscape offers a wide variety of amenities, including luxury hospitality and housing, as well as sports and leisure options, with the cantilevered beach complex being the main attraction. The Gulf of aqaba has 190 apartments with sea views, shops, and green space. Guidry features an 18-hole championship golf course with low hills and rocky landscapes, surrounded by 200 private villas. In addition to the residential building, there is also a boutique hotel with 80 rooms. 

The latest addition to Neom’s tourism-focused efforts is a new project within its growing portfolio. Recent notable releases include developments in Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, Norlana, Aquellum, Zardun, Xaynor, and Elana. As of June 2021, Neom has filed 45 name and logo applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,  33 of which are in his 2023 year alone. The flagship of this mega project is the Length The Line, a 170-kilometre visionary concept city. However, there is uncertainty as to whether the originally planned length will be maintained.

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