NEOM To Produce Its First Green Hydrogen

NEOM To Produce Its First Green Hydrogen - Merchant Navy Info - News

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM will produce its first green hydrogen this year. The project aims to become known as the world’s largest green hydrogen production plant. Megacity NEOM, by the end of 2026, wants to produce 600 tons of fuel per day. Wessam Alghamdi, CEO of Neom Green Hydrogen Company (NGHC), said at a conference held in Dubai last week that the Hydrogen Innovation and also Development Center (HIDC) will produce 8 tonnes of green hydrogen per day starting this year. He said he would produce it. HIDC is planned to house a single 20-megawatt hydrogen electrolysis unit that will serve as a dedicated research and also development facility. The center will be built in collaboration with Enowa, a subsidiary of Neom focused on water and also electricity. 

Hydrogen is produced by a process called electrolysis. Using electrical current, the water is split into oxygen and also hydrogen. Industry experts say electrolysis accounts for at least half of the cost of hydrogen production. NEOM achieved its financial results of $8.4 billion (Dh30.8 billion), of which $6.1 billion (Dh22.4 billion) came from 23 national, regional, and international banks and financial institutions. Mr. Al-Ghamdi said that the green hydrogen produced will be converted into 1.2 million tons of ammonia per year. NGHC has entered into a 30-year offtake agreement with Air Products for all green ammonia produced at the facility. Wind and solar energy sources will provide 4 gigawatts (GW) of electricity to the project. The project will save him 5 million tons of carbon.

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