Nike Signs Biofuels Agreement With CMA CGM

Nike Signs Biofuels Agreement With CMA CGM - Merchant Navy Info - News

Sports and fashion giant Nike has partnered with CMA CGM to use more sustainable marine fuels. Purchasing biofuels for  36% of the cargo it carries. The 11-month agreement is part of CMA CGM’s ACT series of low-carbon solutions. And will reduce Nike’s CO2 emissions from deliveries by 25,000 tonnes. As both companies aim for net-zero emissions by 2050. We aim to reduce this. Olivier Nivois, Executive Vice President of CMA CGM Group Line, said: “Working with a leading company like Nike and taking a major step towards decarbonization is an important achievement.” 

“We are confident that our success will act as a catalyst.”  French company’s “ACT With CMA CGM” solution was launched in 2020 to “help customers decarbonize.” supply chain,” as well as other alternative fuels such as LNG and biomethane. CMA CGM praises efforts to reduce emissions, but the company received a ‘D’ rating on the Ship It Zero decarbonization scorecard in mid-2023,  particularly given the industry’s reliance on biofuels. And skepticism about its role as a scalable drug. Expressed a solution to your shipping needs.

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