NSC To Probe Chinese Fishermen Using Cyanide At Masinloc Shoal

Authorities are investigating reports that Chinese fishermen allegedly used cyanide. To destroy the resource-rich Bajo de Masinloc and stop Filipino fishing in the area. National Security Council (NSC) Deputy Director-General Jonathan Malaya said the council was “alarmed”. By the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) report but needed to verify the claims further.

He said the official asked BFAR to complete the document on record. Including the affidavit, which would then be handed over to the West Philippine Sea National Task Force. “We will investigate this report,” said Mr. Malaya.

After verification

The Malayan government said it would send a report to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Attorney General’s Office. Which is preparing a lawsuit against China for environmental destruction. “The challenge  is to prove that these particular people are responsible for the damage. To the coral  and the impact on the environment,” Malaya said, as quoted by Navy News. BFAR’s Chief Information Officer Nazario Brighella recently said that China. As a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. was intentionally destroying Bajo de Masinloc, “threatening not only our waters but also our sustainability.” He claimed that he had committed a violation of impairment”. Meanwhile, the NSC  encouraged Filipino fishermen to continue fishing near Bajo de Masinloc. Citing the country’s right to claim this area also as part of its territory.

“This is Philippine territory, and let us strengthen the presence of our government through regular patrols by the Coast Guard,  BFAR, and, of course, the Philippine Navy, and also show that to the whole world, especially those who cause trouble for our country. Said Malaya. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. 


Recently, relevant authorities were urged to maintain the country’s maritime presence following provocative and also aggressive behavior by Chinese vessels in the West Philippine Sea. In accordance with the President’s order, the NSC stated that the number of patrol vessels in the area is increasing. Regarding the possibility that China used cyanide to prevent the entry and exit of Filipino fishermen, Malaya said an investigation is needed to confirm the suspicion. However BFAR reported that some foreign vessels were using cyanide to intentionally destroy the marine environment of Scarborough Shoal, a fish-rich atoll in the West Philippine Sea.

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