NYK inks deal for Construction of Ammonia-Powered Ammonia Gas Carrier

NYK inks deal for Construction of Ammonia-Powered Ammonia Gas Carrier - Merchant Navy Info - News

Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Ltd. (NYK), Japan Engine Corporation, IHI Power Systems Co., Ltd., And Nippon Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. sign a contract to build the world’s first ammonia-fueled medium-sized gas carrier. (AFMGC) equipped with a Japanese-made engine. However In October 2021, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). A national research and development agency selected four companies as targets for the Green Innovation Fund project. And together with partner organization Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK). Five companies were selected as targets for the Green Innovation Fund project. 

Worked on a “demonstration project for the practical application of ships equipped with domestically produced ammonia fuel engines.”  Japan’s maritime sector is reportedly preparing to lead the world with the AFMGC. Which is scheduled to be completed in November 2026. Under the slogan “Changing the ocean and the future with Japanese technology.

” Achieving net zero emissions in international shipping requires a transition from traditional fossil fuels to appropriate next-generation fuels. Ammonia does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned. So it is expected to be a next-generation fuel that will help prevent global warming. 

The consortium’s research and construction of AFMGC will contribute to the practical application of ammonia-fueled ships. Ammonia, which has so far been mainly used as a fertilizer and chemical raw material. Will be used for co-combustion in thermal power plants and as a hydrogen carrier. Demand for ammonia is also expected to expand rapidly both domestically and internationally. At the same time, demand for ammonia production and sea transportation will also increase, and the ammonia value chain is expected to be gradually established. NYK believes that establishing a cleaner, less polluting ammonia value chain is important to realizing a decarbonized society. Therefore, the consortium will strive to perfect and popularize AFMGC and other ammonia-fueled ammonia carriers.

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