Operator pulls the plug on Island Drilling rig’s campaign off Africa

Operator pulls the plug on Island Drilling rig’s campaign off Africa due to safety issues.

Island drilling is being carried out by Trident Energy and its joint venture partners. It was announced that they had halted their three-well infill drilling campaign on Block G. The block is located offshore Equatorial Guinea on the west coast of Central Africa. The decision was made after the companies terminated their island drilling rig contract with Island Drilling due to safety concerns. The drilling activities will be postponed until a new rig is secured. Prioritizing the safety of the workers and the environment is ensured by this pause. The drilling campaign will resume as planned once a new rig is in place.

Move to Improve Production for Island Drilling

In the month of July in the year 2023, our company implemented a series of strategic and significant measures. These were to bolster the development of island drilling and workover operations in Equatorial Guinea. The primary objective of these measures was to extend the contracted work duration by an additional 85 days.

This was a crucial step towards ensuring that our operations in the region were as efficient and productive as possible. Through these measures, we sought to enhance the drilling and workover processes. It was done with a view towards streamlining operations and achieving better outcomes for the Equatorial Guinea project. Our focus was on identifying areas where we could optimize our processes, improve our equipment, and leverage technological advancements. All of this would help to drive efficiency and productivity. We believe that these measures will help us meet our contractual obligations. In addition, also positions us to be a leader in the industry and deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Trident Future Course of Action for Island Drilling

Last month, the rig built in 2012 began a planned infill island drilling campaign at Block G. Initially, the expectation was to have the first of the three infill wells completed. Then functioning by the end of Q1 2024. With all three wells operational by mid-year. However, Trident has recommended that the rig contract be terminated. This may result in a revision of the drilling and production start-up timeline. This depends on how quickly a new rig can be secured to continue the work.

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