Crew Members Rescued from Sinking Mussel Boat Off P.E.I.’s Malpeque Harbour

Crew Members Rescued from Sinking Mussel Boat Off P.E.I.'s Malpeque Harbour - Merchant Navy Info - News

Rescue crews saved the crew of a PEI news about the mussel-fishing boat. It was saved after it ran aground off Malpeque Harbour on PEI’s North Shore, according to reports from witnesses.

The 45-foot vessel ran aground on a sandbar and started taking on water in rough seas just after 8 a.m. Monday, said Timothy Wall, a fisherman from the area. The New London Fire Company told CBC News there were five people aboard. 

RCMP said a rescue Zodiac from the New London Fire Company. It got all five fishermen off the sinking boat just after 9 a.m.

The Canadian Coast Guard’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax. They confirmed all five rescued crew members reported no medical issues or injuries. He said the plan is to tow the boat out of the harbor sometime today.

PEI News About Fishing Vessel Runs Aground

Reports from people at the scene indicate that rescuers have saved the crew of a fishing vessel. As it began taking on water on PEI’s North Shore. A video from the scene shows the crew waiting for rescuers to arrive. Submitted by Timothy Wall.

Wall said the boat was trying to get back into the harbor when it struck the sandbar.

“When the boat went aground, everybody just kind of climbed on the side. Then they had to climb on the roof,” he said. “It’s dangerous — it’s rocky and it’s windy and it’s cold.”

He said all of the crew members were wearing life jackets.

Wall said, “Thank God nobody was killed in that dangerous and rough spot.”

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