Philippine Coast Guard Accuses Chinese Vessels Of ‘dangerous’ Manoeuvres

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on Sunday accused a Chinese vessel of “dangerous” maneuvering. During a nine-day patrol near a reef off the  Southeast Asian country’s coast.  Philippine vessel BRP Teresa Magbanua was deployed in early February. To patrol the waters around Scarborough Shoal. A rich fishing ground in the South China Sea, delivering food and ensuring safety to Filipino fishermen.

The reef has become a flashpoint between the nations since China seized it from the Philippines in 2012. Since then, the Chinese government has deployed patrol boats. Which Manila says are aimed at harassing Philippine vessels and preventing Filipino fishermen from reaching more fish-filled lagoons.

During The Patrol

China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels “carried out dangerous sabotage operations at sea against BRP Teresa Magbanua four times. And CCG vessels crossed the PCG’s bow twice.” The Philippine Coast Guard announced. PCG Commander, Admiral Ronnie Gill Gavan, said the 2,260 tonne BRP Teresa Magbanua was deployed. To carry out routine missions to monitor and protect fishermen operating within the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ)said. The four CCG vessels that “tracked” the Philippine vessel “more than 40 times” were identified by bow numbers 3105, 3302, 3063 and 3064. The PCG also observed what it described as “four Chinese Maritime Militia (CMM) vessels.


The PCG vessel responded professionally to both the CCG vessel and the CMM vessel via radio. Reiterating the Philippines’ clear and principled position  in accordance with international law,” the PCG statement said. The Chinese Embassy in Manila did not  respond to a request for comment. Scarborough Shoal is located 240 kilometers (150 miles) west of the Philippines’ main island of Luzon and nearly 900 kilometers from Hainan Island, the closest major landmass in China. 

PCG provides food and food assistance to 100 Filipino fishermen in 14 boats to complete maritime operations in the disputed shoal, colloquially known  as Bajo de Masinloc It has been announced that it has already been provided. Admiral Gavan assured the people that the PCG remains steadfast in its commitment to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the Filipino people to protect its territorial waters.

The Coast Guard’s 

The Coast Guard’s white vessels will consistently ensure the safety and well-being of Filipino fishermen,” he said. “All Coast Guards will ensure that the best public service prevails in line with the President’s vision and call for ‘Bagong Pilipinas’, especially by ensuring food security as a fundamental element of society.” “We will continue to work harder. ‘This is an opportunity to promote the development of the country,'” he added.

Previously, the Department of Defense advised small-scale fishermen  not to navigate alone in this disputed area of ​​the West Philippine Sea (WPS). This came after Filipino fishermen repeatedly reported harassment by Chinese-flagged vessels. The incident comes two months after a tense standoff between China and the Philippines over a disputed reef in the South China Sea, which resulted in a collision between ships from both countries and a Chinese vessel, and a ship heading towards a Philippine vessel.

Water Was Sprayed

China claims almost all of the sea, but ignores international court rulings that its claims have no legal basis. They use boats to patrol  busy waterways and build and militarize artificial islands  to strengthen their claims. Officials from China and the Philippines last month agreed on the need for closer dialogue to address “maritime emergencies” in their waterways amid rising tensions. 

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