Philippines To Acquire First Submarine For Maritime Defense In South China Sea

Philippines To Acquire First Submarine For Maritime Defense In South China Sea - Merchant Navy Info

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has approved the third phase of military modernization. Including the purchase of the country’s first submarine. To protect the country’s maritime sovereignty in the disputed South China Sea. 

West Philippine Sea Naval Spokesman Roy Trinidad said. Thursday the third phase of modernization marks a shift in emphasis from internal to external defense. According to the Trinidad government, the third phase of the modernization strategy.  Modified to suit the country’s needs, will likely cost P2 trillion and take many years. 

This statement was issued amid heightened tensions with China over territorial disputes. And also related issues in the South China Sea. Manila reportedly refers to this area of ​​the South China Sea, which is in the country’s exclusive economic zone, as the West Philippine Sea. Meanwhile, Trinidad could not say how many submarines the Philippines was looking to acquire but said it would be multiple.

He explained that France, Italy, Spain, and South Korea have shown great interest in supplying submarines to the Philippines. Four thousand four hundred forty-four neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Indonesia, have submarine programs. According to the Trinidad government, the military’s modernization strategy in phases one and two was “land-centric.” Nevertheless, the third phase will aim to improve military capabilities, particularly in the West Philippine Sea.

The third phase of acquisition, announced by Defense Minister Gilberto Teodoro last month, will focus on a variety of capabilities, including reconnaissance, area awareness, and air and sea deterrence. In recent months, the two countries have exchanged accusations in the turbulent South China Sea, where China and Manila have overlapping claims to sovereignty. These include allegations that China crashed a ship carrying the Philippine Armed Forces Chief of Staff in December.

China also claims much of the South China Sea and parts of Brunei, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In 2016, an international tribunal invalidated China’s lawsuit in a ruling on a case brought by the Philippines, but Beijing reportedly denies this.

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