Philippines Conducts Marine Patrols To Check Presence Of Chinese Research Ships

On Monday, the Philippines strengthened its maritime presence, dispatching a coast guard ship. And also carrying out a two-week patrol mission in the country’s northern. And also eastern waters to control a Chinese research vessel spotted in Benham Strait. Her Benham Rise, located off the east coast of the Philippines. Is a vast area declared the country’s continental shelf by the United Nations in 2012.

Manila changed its name to “Philippine Rise” in 2017. The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said in a statement that the vessel will patrol the waters to provide maritime intelligence. Strengthen its presence in northern Luzon, and monitor local fishermen. “We will also consider the  Chinese research vessel reported on Benham Rise,” PCG spokesman Armando Barillo said. Benham Rise, which is said to be rich in biodiversity and fish resources, is not located in the South China Sea, and the Chinese government does not claim it.

However, China is embroiled in a territorial dispute with the Philippines. Which is over the islands in the South China Sea, and while the Chinese government claims almost all of the islands, a 2016 arbitration ruling states that this claim is subject to international It was ruled that there was no legal basis under the law. Ray Powell, Seawright director of the  National Security Innovation Gordian Knot Center, said that it is in orbit within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. There was no immediate comment to and from the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines.

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