Black Sea MoU Preliminary Results from CIC on Fire Safety

The Black Sea Region (BS MoU) announces the preliminary results of the intensive inspection campaign (CIC) on fire safety. Which was carried out from 1 September 2023 to 30 November 2023. The campaign involved the participation of all member institutions of the BS MoU. And also was carried out under the campaign coordination of the Turkiye Maritime Directorate. The campaign was carried out in conjunction with the Paris-Tokyo Memorandum and also his PSC systems. In other regions and utilized the Paris-Tokyo Memorandum guidelines and questionnaires.

Number Of Tests 

The preliminary results of this campaign are as follows. A total of 1,237 inspections were carried out on all vessel types during the CIC period. Of these inspections, 922 inspections were conducted using the CIC questionnaire. And one vessel underwent only one CIC inspection during the campaign period. Most notable deficiencies. According to the Black Sea Information System “BSIS,” as a direct result of CIC. 15 vessels were seized due to deficiencies regarding fire safety. Which is a seizure rate of 1.63% related to his CIC issues. 

The most notable deficiencies identified during the campaign were related to Fire doors being maintained in good working order (36.0%). 4,444 (21.6%) periodic tests of fixed fire detection and alarm systems. Ventilation closure device closure capability  (16.8%);  satisfactorily conducted observed fire drills (9.6%). Most inspections were conducted on Panamanian-flagged vessels with 180  (19.52%). Followed by 153 (16.59%) in Liberia and 89 (9.65%) in the Marshall Islands.

By Flag State 

The most detained vessels in the region exhibiting CIC-related detention deficiencies were Panamanian-flagged vessels. Resulting in five arrests, followed by two arrests in Liberia and two arrests in Tanzania. By ship type According to ship type. Most CICs were carried out on general cargo ships/multipurpose vessels with 336 inspections (36.44%). Followed by bulk carriers with 271 inspections (29.39%), followed by petroleum/chemicals. There were 114 (12.36%) inspections for tankers and 88 (9.54%) inspections for oil tankers. For a total of 809  CIC inspections with a percentage rate of 87.74. 

Notably, older vessels, particularly those over 25 years old. Accounted for the majority of vessels seized (10).Per age of the vessel, No berths were observed in vessels less than ten years old, and also no non-compliance of her CIC inspection was recorded in new vessels aged 0-5 years. The results of the campaign will be further analyzed and presented at the 24th meeting of the Black Sea Ports State Management Committee. The report is then submitted to the International Maritime Organization.

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