CNOOC’s Oil Field in Bohai Sea Starts Production

CNOOC’s Oil Field in Bohai Sea Starts Production - Merchant Navy Info - News

Chinese state-owned offshore oil and gas exploration and production company CNOOC. Has started production at the underwater 36-1/Luda 5-2 discovery site in Liaodong Bay, Bohai Sea. The main facility includes two new central processing platforms. And two new wellhead platforms located at approximately 30 meters of water depth.

According to CNOOC, 118 development wells are planned, including 81 production wells and 37 water injection wells. The project is expected to reach peak crude oil production of approximately 30,300 barrels per day in 2025. This is China’s largest marine secondary development and adaptation project. This project, based on the concept of regional development. Provided a good example of sustainable development of offshore producing oil and gas fields.

Furthermore, the development is based on onshore electricity supply and the project can consume green electricity generated onshore, thereby continuing the green and low carbon development of offshore oil and gas resources.

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