RightShip Adds Sanctions Data to the Platform

RightShip Adds Sanctions Data to the Platform - Merchant Navy Info - Blog

Ship verification platform RightShip provides subscribers with much-needed insight into sanctioned companies and vessels. RightShip has integrated the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) World-Check into its platform to help end users, including charterers, financial institutions, traders, port operators, and shipowners, Allows you to review and evaluate the company.

Regarding the risks associated with sanctioned or embargoed vessels. Sanctions database contains over 4 million records. Specifically, the integration includes all ocean-going vessels on the Sanctions, Monitoring, and Enforcement List. This includes information about vessels registered with, affiliated with, or flying the flag of a sanctioned country or entity.

Where appropriate, information on the registered and beneficial owners of these vessels will also be included. “By collaborating with a leading provider of maritime due diligence and sanctions intelligence, we offer our customers an audit solution that fills the gap in their maritime risk management workflows,” commented Steen Lund, CEO of RightShip.

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