RINA approves Sea Forest’s lithium-ion Marine Battery System

Sea Forrest, in partnership with GenPlus Pte Ltd, has successfully developed a lithium-ion marine battery system, for which it has received a Type Approval Certificate from RINA.

The GP-VESS-110 Marine Battery System by SEAGEN is a lithium-ion marine battery with a power of 110kWh. As per RINA, the system deals with challenges like vibration, heat, overcurrent, and electromagnetic interference. The certification process followed strict industry standards in RINA Rules for the Type Approval Certification of Lithium Battery Systems – 2022.

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA, Lars Christian Larsen, the former Maritime Battery Forum (MBF) Chairman. He emphasized that as electric propulsion systems on ships become more prevalent. The need for batteries to enhance efficiency will increase. George Lee, CEO of Sea Forrest, stated that the RINA Type Approval Certificate is a significant milestone. Demonstrating their dedication to transforming marine energy solutions. He emphasized the importance of delivering cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies that enhance performance while prioritizing safety. This approach positions Sea Forrest as a leader in driving innovation for a cleaner, greener future in marine transportation. 

RINA, a classification society, recognizes the pressing need to mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. It is committed to reducing them in the shipping industry. By implementing innovative and sustainable solutions. Ship owners and operators can reduce their carbon footprint with the help of RINA’s commitment to sustainability. Also, promotes a more sustainable future for the maritime industry. This approval reinforces our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and safety. Showcasing our relentless pursuit of excellence in the maritime industry.

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